November 18th TCH

The Ewing Public Schools - Providing a Foundation for Life  

"Ewing Strong:  All in this Together!"   

Social distancing practices are required and masks/face coverings must be worn by all  staff, students and visitors.  

Remote Learning Program Coordinators:                

                Grade 9:               Mr. Brock Mislan


                                            Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2152               

                Grade 10:             Mr. Ernie Covington


                                            Phone number:   1 (609) 538-9800 X2126  

                Grade 11:            Ms. Shalieka Jarrett


                                            Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2109 

                Grade 12:            Mr. Edward Chmiel


                                           Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2102