Referendum Roundup ’18 October 2021

Immediate Release

October 25, 2021

EHSThe last few months of Referendum ’18 have been difficult but rewarding. As we close in on November I’m happy to say that our Ewing High School Gymnasium Project is nearly finished, and the gyms will soon be turned over to the school community a full month ahead of their scheduled completion.  The Fisher Middle School gym has been open for some time now and being enjoyed by students. I would personally like to thank everyone at the high school who was inconvenienced and/or displaced during this time. In the end I know the new and improved facilities will be well worth it. 

Ongoing projects include roofing at various schools, district-wide electrical and HVAC renovations which will not be completed for some time and the Ewing High School Auditorium renovation which still has a few more months until completion. Once open and available, I encourage everyone to come to see these new facilities as often the photos do not do them justice. Please stay tuned for more updates in future publications.