Ewing Schools Announce Referendum ’18 Phase 2 Projects/Schedule Update May 2020

Referendum Roundup

May 2020 

Ewing Schools Announce Referendum ’18 Phase 2 Projects/Schedule 

In October of 2018, the Ewing Township community supported the School District’s Referendum ’18 vote. The referendum consisted of a series of district-wide facility projects designed to create healthier, safer, and more modern schools for future generations of Ewing students. 

Since this landmark vote, the school district has completed its Referendum ’18 Phase 1 projects along with several other facility projects that were previously scheduled and budgeted: 

In March the unprecedented COVID 19 Public Health Crisis has caused the district to rethink our project timelines going forward. Details provided below. 


  • Roof Replacement at Parkway and O’Brien Academy
  • Roof Replacement at Lore
  • District-Wide Security & Communications Projects
  • Interior Classroom/Bathroom Renovations at Antheil and Lore
  • District Tennis Courts at Antheil
  • Ewing High School Parking Lot Expansion
  • Ewing High School Multipurpose Field Staircase replacement 


  • Ewing High School Multipurpose Field Replacement and Storm Water Drainage Repairs 


  • Targeted office and conference space renovations at the Gusz building, expected completion February of 2020 

With completion of these projects, the school district is set to embark on its schedule for Referendum ’18 Phase 2 projects. Please review the chart below for a district-wide overview: 



  • The district-wide Fire Alarm Project was already underway and is continuing. It is anticipated that this project will continue and should wrap up by the end of the summer. 
  • Chiller replacements at Fisher Middle School, Antheil Elementary School, and Parkway Elementary School was also underway and will continue. These projects were a bit further along and are expected to wrap up shortly in the next few weeks. 
  • A Ewing High School & Fisher Middle School athletic fields improvement project was also underway. This project will add additional ADA accessibility to our Athletic Stadium at the Multipurpose Field, and renovate the scoreboards and baseball field at the High School. It will also place a permanent surface for the running track at Fisher Middle School. 
  • A complete re-roof of the John Gusz Warehouse building will commence at the beginning of May, it is expected to take about a month weather permitting.


  • Partial re-roof of Fisher Middle School is scheduled for this summer. It is anticipated that this project will start on time and last partially through the summer. 


  • One of our largest anticipated projects was a massive district-wide HVAC project as well as the complete renovation of our High School and Middle School Gymnasiums and Locker Facilities. Although Governor Murphy allowed school construction to continue, these projects are so complex they would have required a workforce of construction workers that would be too large to allow for any kind of social distancing. In consultation with our professionals, it became clear that the most prudent thing to do was to postpone these projects for now. Throughout the Summer and Fall the schedule of remaining work will be re-evaluated along with the public health conditions at the time. 

“We continue to be appreciative of the support of the community for our Referendum ’18 endeavors,” School Business Administrator Dennis J. Nettleton commented. “The positive impact of our Phase 1 projects is already tangible, and although we recognize the challenges ahead, we are excited to embark on our Phase 2 initiatives and see the benefits for our school community.”