Referendum Roundup '18 September 23, 2019: Phase 1

September 23rd, 2019 Referendum Roundup Update: Phase 1 

BP-1 Roof Replacement at Parkway and Ryan (O’Brien Academy); Strober-Wright Roofing

  • Parkway:  Roofing work and metal work is complete. Masonry, caulking, and installation of birdwire is ongoing. All work to be complete for Punch List/Manufacturer inspection schedudled for 10/1/2019.
  • Ryan (O’Brien Academy):  Roofing and metal work is complete. Chimney demolition/capping and installation of safety railing is complete. Punch List/Manufacturer inspection scheduled for 10/1/2019. Change Order work to address air leak at HVAC unit scheduled for 9/30/2019 when school is not in session. 

BP-1A Roof Replacement at Lore; VMG Group

  • Roofing and metal work is complete. Punch List/Manufacturer inspection took place on 9/17/2019. Punch List work is ongoing. Change Order work to repair awning at the front of the building is pending and preferably will take place on 9/30/2019 when school is not in session if material is delivered prior to then. 

BP-2 District Wide Communications Projects; Millennium Communications and ePlus

  • Millennium has completed 100% of their original contract cameras and security access work. Their Change Order work, additional cameras, is complete except for the cameras for the High School stadium press box which will be scheduled when material is delivered and conduit work is completed by others.ePlus has installed 100% of speakers and displays. Programming is complete at Lore and EHS. Programming at all other schools is ongoing. 

BP-3 Interior Renovations at Antheil and Lore; Aliano Brothers

  • Antheil: Work is complete in all classrooms and toilet rooms 13, 15, 24A, 24B, and 120. Punch list inspection took place on 9/13/2019. Ongoing work includes toilet room 6D, flooring in nstrumental room 77, installation of cabinet unit heaters, and miscellaneous work detailed on the Punch List.
  • Lore: Work is complete in all classrooms and toilet rooms. Punch List inspection took place on 9/20/2019. Schedule for the completion of Punch List work is pending.
  • Schedule for the installation of permanent doors and hardware will be scheduled when the delivery date of glazing for subject doors is known.

 BP-4, District Tennis Courts at Antheil and High School Parking Lot; Flanagan’s Contracting

  • DTC @ Antheil: Tennis courts to be complete 9/23/2019. Seeding and demobilization is ongoing. Punch List inspection is scheduled for 9/25/2019.
  • EHS: Parking lots are complete. Punch List inspection took place on 9/16/2019. Schedule for punch list work, including completion of stall numbering, is pending. 

EHS Track, Field, Drainage; Field Turf

  • Field was substantially complete and approved for district use on 9/13/2019. Seeding and demobilization are ongoing. Punch list inspection is scheduled for 9/24/2019.


Referendum Roundup Update: Phase 2 (New):

  • The district and design team has begun to have meetings related to the planning of phase 2 of referendum ’18 projects. More information will be distributed throughout the fall.



Tennis Courts


EHS Turf Field


EHS Turf Field


          EHS Turf Field