Referendum Roundup '18 August 22, 2019 Update: Phase 1

August 22, 2019 Referendum Roundup Update: Phase 1


BP-1 Roof Replacement at Parkway and Ryan (O’Brien Academy); Strober-Wright Roofing

  • Parkway:  Roofing work and metal work will be complete and roofer to be demobilized prior to school opening . Masonry and caulking repairs ongoing.
  • Ryan (O’Brien Academy):  Roofing work is complete. Metal installation and chimney removal complete prior to school opening. Masonry repairs/chimney removal complete by school opening.  Railing installation scheduled for 8/26/19 and complete by school opening.


BP-1A Roof Replacement at Lore; VMG Group

  • Roofing work to be complete and roofer demobilized prior to school opening.  Installation of roof accessories, flashing and metal work is ongoing.


BP-2 District Wide Communications Projects; Millennium Communications and ePlus

  • Millennium has completed 100% of their original contract camera and security access work.
  • Millennium’s Change Order work, additional cameras, to begin immediately upon receipt of materials.
  • ePlus has completed approximately 75% of their wiring and installation of new speakers and message displays. Their progress was delayed by added work supporting the existing above ceiling electrical work in Antheil’s classrooms being renovated to code, which was done on a Time and Material basis.


BP-3 Interior Renovations at Antheil and Lore; Aliano Brothers

  • Antheil: Selective demolition and painting are complete. Lighting, plumbing installations, glazing replacements, ceramic tile, ceiling tile, and framing are ongoing. Classroom vinyl floor installation was completed last week.
  • Lore: Selective demolition and painting are complete. Lighting, plumbing installations, glazing replacements, and ceiling tile are ongoing.
  • Temporary door installation commenced on 8/23 and should be complete at both locations prior to opening.


BP-4, District Tennis Courts at Antheil and High School Parking Lot; Flanagan’s Contracting

  • DTC @ Antheil: Tennis court paving, concrete work, and drainage are complete. Parking lot paving to be complete next week. Installation of lighting conduit, tennis court fencing, and site restoration is ongoing.
  • EHS: Drainage work is complete. Paving complete.  Painting of lines complete and parking space numbers is ongoing.  Site restoration is ongoing.


EHS Track, Field, Drainage; Field Turf

  • Decommissioning of the existing drainage commenced on 8/14/2019 and was completed last week.
  • Change Order work, installation of new long jump and lacrosse backstop netting, is ongoing.
  • Site restoration is ongoing.
  • Artificial turf installation delivered 8/27/2019 and installation to begin immediately.