Referendum Roundup '18 July 2019 Update: Phase 1


 July 29, 2019


July 2019 Referendum Roundup: Phase 1 Update 

BP-1 Roof Replacement at Parkway and Ryan (O’Brien Academy); Strober-Wright Roofing

  • Parkway:  Roofing replacement was completed on 7/26/2019. They will then be working on flashing detail work and roof accessories. Coping is scheduled to be delivered in 2 weeks +/-.  Administrative staff will begin moving back into the building the week of 7/29/2019. Project is on schedule to be substantially complete by 8/23/2019.
  • Ryan (O’Brien Academy):  Material was delivered on 7/23/2019. Work began on 7/29/2019 and should be substantially complete by 8/23/2019.


BP-1A Roof Replacement at Lore; VMG Group

  • Roofing should be complete by 8/2/2019, followed by the installation of flashing detail work, roof accessories, and coping. Administrative staff can begin moving back in on 7/29/2019. Project is on schedule to be substantially complete by 8/23/2019.


BP-2 District Wide Communications Projects; Millennium Communications and ePlus

  • All of Millennium’s camera work is 100% not including work covered by Change Order. They will schedule the remaining camera work when their Purchase Order is revised to include the Change Order work.
  • Millennium’s Burglar Alarm license was renewed and they submitted their permit applications on 7/10/2019 as required by the Construction Office. Their permit applications are under review.
  • ePlus has wired EHS, Parkway, Lore, and FMS 100% and have started at Antheil this week. Devise installation is mostly complete at EHS, Lore, and Parkway. They are on schedule to be substantially complete by 8/23/2019 at all buildings.


BP-3 Interior Renovations at Antheil and Lore; Aliano Brothers

  • Antheil: Project is approximately 25% complete. All classroom demolition is done. Flooring and paint will be complete by 8/2/2019. Toilet room demolition is ongoing. Glazing replacement and vestibule installation is scheduled for the end of July. Lights and hardware have been released and we await delivery dates from Aliano along with an updated project schedule based on these delivery dates.
  • Lore: Selective demolition is approximately 90% complete. Rooms are ready for paint and floors when subcontractors are complete at Antheil.


BP-4, District Tennis Courts at Antheil and High School Parking Lot; Flanagan’s Contracting

  • DTC @ Antheil: Drainage is complete including ELSA required sanitary alterations, fence post installed, sports lighting footings are complete. Tennis court paving began on 7/25/2019 and should be complete on 7/29/2019. Cure time will require the surface color coating to be applied no earlier than 8/26/2019. Sports lighting will be installed towards the end of September.
  • EHS: Project is approximately 50% complete. Flanagan’s is requiring a Change Order to be issued for them to start repairs of storm drainage found to be damaged. FVHD will issue shortly. Full depth paving replacement is scheduled to be complete by 8/23/2019. Seal coating of existing to remain asphalt will follow.


EHS Track, Field, Drainage; Field Turf

  • New drainage was completed on 7/26/2019. Decommissioning of existing drainage to follow. Turf delivery/installation scheduled to start 8/15/2019 and finish prior to first scheduled home game. Track resurfacing will be scheduled at a time determined to be beneficial for our athletic offerings.