Welcome to the first Referendum Roundup for 2019!

On November 27, 2018, the board held the bond sale related to the referendum projects.


The district received bids from five banks, and awarded the bid to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch at a net interest cost of 3.698%.


“Although this was the lowest bid, the others were all in a similar range which indicates that all banks really wanted a shot at the bonds as we had a really attractive package,” School Business Administrator Dennis Nettleton commented. “According to our financial advisors at Acacia Financial, our successful and competitive sale is testament to our strong financial management, AA- bond rating, and the size and timeline of our bonds.”


The next step in this process was for the bond sale to be finalized in mid-December.


Currently, the administrative team and the district’s professionals are finalizing the schedule of projects and completing design work related to the first set of projects expected to begin early in 2019.


Please look to future referendum roundups for continued updates on the Referendum ‘18 project status!