Posted 09/01/2017 Welcome to Referendum Roundup!

Welcome to what will be a regular feature in “Good News!” An update on the Board and administration’s planning for a facilities referendum.


Let’s start with a DYK:


Did you know, that last year’s school budget contained a tax decrease for Ewing Township taxpayers?


This is because the district’s debt is disappearing from the budget. Soon the district will be debt-free, which, as in your own life, is a great place to be.


Although the Board has done a great job managing the facilities over the years, every school district now faces a 2% cap on its budget, which makes it very difficult to find funds in the regular operating budget to take care of our schools.


As a result, we are preparing for a referendum that will allow us to maintain our schools and make sure that they are safe, modern and positive places to learn for future generations of Ewing students.


Next month, we will talk about what the Board and administration has been doing to prepare for this process.


If you have any thoughts or ideas about facility projects, or suggestions for our referendum, please email us at



Target Referendum Date: September 2018!