Posted 10/01/2017: Referendum Update October 2017


Welcome to the October Referendum Roundup!


Last month, we learned that the school tax rate actually decreased last year, as the district’s debt is decreasing.


We also discovered that, faced with the challenges of maintaining and improving facilities with a 2% budget cap, the Board and administration is exploring a referendum.


In preparation, the Board and administration has done the following over the past several months:


  • Brought on a new architect, Fraytak, Veisz, Hopkins, and Duthie that has considerable experience in developing and designing referendum projects.


  • Toured and conducting a thorough and rigorous audit of all of our buildings with the new architects.


  • Met with key stakeholders who have relevance and expertise in our facility needs and issues.


  • Worked with the architects to create a Time-Line and begin developing “Project Prioritization” categories.



Next month, we will look at the potential time-line for the referendum.



Target Referendum Date: October 2018!