Posted 12/01/2017: Referendum Roundup December 2017

Welcome to the December Referendum Roundup!


As you know from our time-line last month, during this month the Board of Education will be finalizing the projects that will be included in Referendum ’18.


In the course of putting together these projects, the Board and administration have tried to connect with all school community stakeholders and key communicators to obtain feedback, ensure input, and seek ideas.  For example:


District administrators attended every faculty meeting during the opening of school, and asked for thoughts and suggestions.


The Superintendent and School Business Administrator met with all building principals, curriculum supervisors, athletic staff members, and representatives from the ETEA & ETESSA to seek input.


The district administration met with PTO/PTA/Parent Group leaders and asked for suggestions.


A representative from the District Administrative Team was present at each and every “Back To School” night throughout the district. Tables were set up with all of the referendum materials to date as well as a suggestion box.


A table was set up for at various events with all of the referendum materials to-date. An announcement was made that the materials were available, as well as the suggestion box should anyone have any thoughts.Members of the Board and administration met with the Ewing Public Education Foundation to discuss the referendum process and take comments and suggestions.


District administrators were present the entire day during Community Day at The College of New Jersey. The table had referendum information, handouts, and magnets and the team was available for questions and discussion.


District and Board leadership met with township leaders to discuss Referendum ’18.


Meeting or outreaches were set up to groups such as the Ewing Township Green Team, TEMPO and other organizations to solicit thoughts and suggestions.


Finally, each Board meeting has, and will continue to have, a slot dedicated to referendum progress for thoughts and discussion.


By doing all this, the Board and administration were able to truly get an understanding of topics and issues that were important to the school community!


Target Referendum Date: October 2018!