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Afro Arts Festival

The Black Student Alliance (BSA) partnered with NAACP this 2023 Black History Month season for Ewing High's first Afro Arts Fest. This event was a huge success! It was a gathering of students, staff, friends, family and community in a night full of venerating the Afro Diaspora arts and culture. During the event students performed and showcased their own art, dance, and vocal/artistic talent, which was a major highlight of the night. There were both student and local business vendors including, Afro Art, handmade jewelry, costume jewelry, vintage clothing, skin care, woodwork, baked goods, and other treats. There was fun and camaraderie, line dancing, and even a food tasting. The “dish wars” was another highlight of the night, with student Daisha Reid taking home the trophy for her homemade Curry Chicken. There were upwards of 150 students, families, and staff present for the 2023 Afro Arts Fest. The event was full of life, fun, and family; it was a true representation of the culture of the Afro-Diaspora community here within EHS.