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EHS Student Lina Abtouche Princeton University Bound

Lina AbtoucheOn December 15, 2022, Ewing High School senior Lina Abtouche prepared to receive life-changing news. She gathered her family around the dining room table and opened a message from Princeton University. “When I opened my decision and saw that I got accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in the country, I was overjoyed and honored.”

For Lina, the accomplishment was something to share with her family, particularly her parents. “My only hope is that I can begin to repay their sacrifices with this achievement. The moment we found out the news, our hands enveloped in each others’, I felt the calluses and warmth permeate through my being up into my soul where the voices of my ancestors uttered a singular phrase: you made it.”

Lina is ranked in the top ten percent of her class at Ewing High School, and has participated in the Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP) for the last three years. Growing up in Ewing, Lina had visited Princeton’s campus regularly, but began to consider it more seriously in recent years. “It was only after I was accepted into PUPP that I was able to gain insight about the experiences of the university’s students. This past summer I was given the opportunity to partake in enriching classes on Princeton’s campus during the PUPP summer institute, which only served to solidify my decision to attend.”

Lina has also benefited from the support of her teachers in Ewing. She notes, “Many of them have known that Princeton was my dream school and celebrate with me in this milestone. I am proud to represent all of Ewing High School at Princeton University and showcase what I have acquired from my four years here.”

While attending Princeton, Lina will be a student in the School of Public and International Affairs. She hopes to participate in conducting research about educational disparities and contemporary ethnic genocide. Lina sees herself as a catalyst for change. “It is incumbent that as a generation, we dedicate our efforts in ameliorating the oversight of our predecessors by assessing equity over political gain.” Lina has been an empathetic and confident student leader while attending Ewing High School, and she is sure to make a strong impact at Princeton University next year.

We look forward in the next few months to hear what the future holds for our additional Ewing High School seniors! Their future is so bright, you might just have to wear shades!