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Ewing High School Students Showcase Simulated Business At Virtual Enterprises National Online Trade Show!


On February 11, 2021 Virtual Enterprises (VE) students at Ewing High School were among the 102 participants for VE’s National Online Trade Show, an event that connects students, firms and industry professionals in order to facilitate sales of virtual products and services through video conference sales sessions.

Piece of Cake The Ewing High School students created the business, Piece Of Cake, Inc., which sells tasty homemade baked goods at an affordable price. During the event, the students generated more than $1,101.82 in sales.

Over 222 simulated businesses created across 158 high schools participated in the event created by VE, a national educational nonprofit that annually provides more than 16,500 students with the opportunity to create and run virtual business ventures in 430 schools across the country. Through the program, students create a business together, role-play corporate positions, conduct transactions with other simulated businesses, attend trade shows and run the business as if it were real.

Quote from Chief Finance Officer, Aidan Reid, “With hard work and dedication, Piece of Cake, Inc. and its small team of employees came together and produced spectacular results at the tradeshow.”

Admission to the eight-hour trade show was free of charge and provided guests with virtual credit cards that were used to purchase the students’ products and services. Through trade booths created on Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms, students spoke with buyers in real time about their businesses.

 The Ewing High School has been running the VE program for the past eight years and has won numerous awards including GOLD for best booth design and two years running for best web design.

“Piece of Cake, Inc. recognizes the need for fresh, homemade goods that are affordable and delicious.  With the changing world, there is a lack of bakeries that offer a sense of home and security with affordable goods.  To solve this, Piece of Cake offers the highest quality treats that remind you of home, with ingredients and prices that allow all to enjoy.  Our goal at Piece of Cake is to bring you the fresh, delicious treats you grew up with but in a new, innovative way.” 

The team at Piece of Cake, Inc. includes the following members: 

Charlie DeBlasio, CEO

Aidan Reid, Chief Finance Officer

Angel Lopez Estrada, Chief Marketing Officer

Carlos Juarez- Palacios, Chief Sale Officer

Anthony Lopez Gonzalez, Human Resources

James Joseph, Social Media Specialist 

Virtual Enterprises International or VE is the host of our company and sponsors every trade show. There are regional, national and international trade shows. This specific tradeshow was a national one and included companies from all over the country. The whole point of any trade show is to get your company out there and to let others know what you offer. Each company has their own virtual room and you can enter any room, you can then talk personally to the company representatives and through those conversations, you are able to develop relationships and those relationships will benefit both companies through increased sales.