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EHS Senior Spotlight: Meet Anna Gaylord

Anna Gaylord


What do you like best about Ewing High School? My favorite part about Ewing High School is the community. Especially the 'feeling’ you get attending a Friday night football game or a basketball game and seeing everyone come together to support and represent Ewing. I like that Ewing is an “everyone knows everyone” kind of small town.


Now that you are graduating Ewing High School, what words of wisdom would you bestow upon the underclassmen? “Everything happens for a reason.” Though you may not think so in the moment, sometimes things are meant to fall apart so that better things fall together. There have been moments in my life that I never thought were going to have a positive outcome, but looking back I could never have gotten where I am today without these moments.


Looking back on your 4 years at EHS, what is the one event would you not have missed? I would not miss Prom. I think it is an opportunity for the senior class to really be ‘one’ before graduation where we then go our separate ways, while also all looking our best.


Who is your favorite teacher(s) or coach why? In my four years the best teachers I had were my English teachers, Mr. Besler, Mrs. Masterson, and Mrs. Ginsburg. Though I loved almost all of my teachers at Ewing, what I loved most about my English classes was that my teachers taught me how to think on a deeper more intellectual level which will prepare me for college and for the rest of my future.


In which activities do you participate? I have participated in Cheerleading for 6 seasons, 4 fall seasons and 2 winter seasons. I am a part of Student Council, the Peer Leadership Program, and I am a member of National Honor Society. Outside of school I am a Girl Scout and for the past two years I have gone to Haiti on missionary trips through my church.


How do you define success? I define success as working hard and reaching goals to look back and realize that all the effort put in was very much worth it.


What are your plans after you graduate? After I graduate I will be going to Fordham University in the fall. I chose Fordham because of its options, they have one campus in the Bronx and one in Manhattan and I am able to take classes at both campuses. I will be studying Communications and Fashion Studies while also possibly minoring in Business with the goal in mind of someday owning my own fashion company.


What is your favorite book? My favorite book was Fahrenheit 451 mostly because I read it in one of my favorite classes but I also like the message Ray Bradbury portrays. He alludes to the idea that our society as readers has similarities to that of the dystopia in the novel and uses it as a warning for readers to be aware of what is going on in the world around us.