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Senior Spotlight: Meet Sterly Deracy

Sterly Deracy


What do you like best about Ewing High School? The teachers; I’m amazed by how much all of my teachers know when asked any random question about their subject. It’s motivating to know that I’m learning from someone who is actually interested in what they are teaching.


Who is your favorite teacher or coach why? It’s hard to pick one favorite because I’ve had so many good teachers and good coaches. All of my favorite teachers share the great quality of encouraging their students to care for the subject. At the end of the day, what I love most about every single one of them is that they care about the students.


In which activities do you participate? I am a member of the National Honor Society which is an organization focused on helping others. I can also be seen in the media center with chess/gaming club from time to time and I regularly participate in Math League. I also participate in Robotics, where I edit their website, develop apps, oversee the production of the robot, and write code for the team. I played 2nd singles for the tennis team last year and hope to play varsity for the tennis team again this year.


What is your favorite memory of high school? My favorite memory of high school would probably be winning the District Championship with the Robotics team last year. The team as a whole did a lot of work to make sure we were competing with the best robot possible, and in order to qualify for nationals, we had to literally either win the District Championship or gain enough points to get picked to move on. Needless to say, everyone became less tense once we brought home the 1st place medal.


What do you do outside of school? I currently work at McDonalds as a crew member and when I’m not busy working, I spend time researching stuff related to programming.


Who or what has impacted your life in a positive way? Programming has had a big impact on my life because it’s taught me that most issues can be solved with enough patience and time. My friends and family have also played a key role in my life since they find a way to make me laugh no matter the circumstance that I’m in.


How do you define success? I define success by the amount of people who have been positively affected by what you’ve done. I always want to be sure that what I’m doing makes me happy, but seeing that my actions make others happy as well, is my definition of success.


What are your plans after you graduate? After I graduate high school, I’ll plan to visit some companies for internships to get some early experience in my field. I want to do more with website design so I’ll probably look into becoming a professional website designer so I can do that as a side job. To get a full-time job, I plan on going to a four-year college with a major in Computer Science and hope to be a qualified software engineer by the time I graduate.


What is your favorite quote or book? My favorite book is “Fahrenheit 451”. I feel that there was a lot to that book that I definitely would have missed had I read it alone, so I’m happy that I got to read the book in class.