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Senior Spotlight: Meet Twins Amanda & Naika Alexandre



What do you like best about Ewing High School?


Amanda:  What I like best about Ewing High School are the clubs; I love every single club I am a part of:  The Handbell Choir, Art Club, Coffee for the Soul, and Rotary. I also love the variety of classes Ewing High offers their students.  Music and visual art have always intrigued me. I learned how to play a variety of percussion instruments in Marching and Concert Band. I planned to take drawing classes when I went to high school but unfortunately that didn’t work out, but through this “mistake”, I discovered my love for Ceramics and Sculpting. I continue my work in sculpture in 3D Design AP.


Naika:  My favorite aspect about Ewing High School is that it is always changing and improving!  There are always new students to meet, new clubs being formed, and new ways to improve student life.  Nothing seems to be stagnant in the high school, and that is a very important aspect to our high school.


Who is your favorite teacher(s) or coach why?


Amanda:  My favorite teachers in Ewing are Mrs. Bailey-Williams, Mrs. Hammer, Mrs. Hutchinson, and Mrs. Marchesani.  Mrs. Bailey-Williams is an amazingly, sweet, nice, thoughtful and helpful person.  Mrs. Hutchinson’s funny, very understanding and kept me on track. She was my Biology teacher, and although I found that class hard, Mrs. Hutch gave me good advice on how to study. She made us take A LOT of notes, but those were super helpful, so I’m thankful.  Mrs. Hammer strives for excellence and expects the absolute best from all her students.  Lastly, I loved having Mrs. Marchesani as a teacher, she has a great personality, jokes around and was fair to all her students.


Naika:    I admire Mrs. Masterson for the way she teaches.  I attended her AP Language and Composition class in which I believed before entering, that I would fall behind and did not belong in the class intellectually.  This perspective of my possible performance in that class was immediately ‘squashed’.  Mrs. Masterson constantly encouraged us, provided extra help and advice, and ultimately created a warm and welcoming environment within her classroom.  I really enjoyed going to her class every morning and beginning the discussion upon the last night’s assignment.



In which activities do you participate?


Amanda:  I participate in Art club, the Handbell Choir, Coffee for the Soul and Rotary.  I’ve also participated in the play every year since freshman year in props. I plan to do props for the play this year too, and go to ITS (International Thespian Society) for the second time. I’m also apart of Marching Band.


Naika:    I am a part of multiple clubs within the high school.  My sister and I act as club leaders for both Handbell Choir and Coffee for the Soul.  I am also a member of the Art Club, Rotary Club, National Honor Society and I am involved with the production of the annual drama club play. 


What is your favorite memory of high school?


Amanda:  My favorite memory of high school was the Art Club trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I had a great time with my sister, friends and teachers. The art was absolutely beautiful and it was an amazing experience.


Naika:    My favorite memory of high school was when I would walk home with friends.  I would always point out how much we have grown and how being in high school made me feel like an adult. 


 What do you do outside of school?


Amanda:  Outside of school, I play tennis. I play tennis for NJTL, a non-profit organization. With their great coaching and coaches, I moved up from a beginner to elite in 3 years.  All of the coaches are such great people and coaches.  Through this program, I gained many friends that come from different backgrounds, and I’m glad to have met them.


I also am mentored at Princeton University by Princeton students, they are helping me get ready for college.


Naika: Outside of school I practice tennis with the NJTL of Trenton, my sister and I have been a part of their Arthur Ashe program for advanced tennis players since our freshman year of high school.


Tell us what it is like to be a twin?


Amanda:  To be a twin, I have a really close friend, I know I can trust for the rest of my life. She loves me unconditionally, and I couldn’t live without her. She makes me laugh all the time, and she makes me yell at her too.  Naika is the most ridiculous and strangest person I know, but I’m lucky to have her.


Naika:  Being a twin is actually really awesome.  I always have my best friend with me everywhere I go and never have to worry about facing problems alone.


 How do you define success?


Amanda:  I define success as happiness. It doesn’t matter what I will have in the future, or what I’m doing, I just want to be happy with the people I love.


Naika:  Success is being truly and completely happy with your work, efforts, and performance.  As a tennis player, even though I may not win the match against my opponent, I do not believe I am really successful if my game was poor.  If I feel like I’ve done my best and satisfied with my performance, losing does not matter.


What are your plans after you graduate?


Amanda:  I plan to go to college to major in Nursing and minor in Art if I have the opportunity. I want to work in a children’s hospital.


Naika:  After graduation, I plan to attend college, I have not selected a specific school yet, but I know I will attend college, planning to study medicine.


What is your favorite quote or book?


Amanda:  My favorite saying is a Haitian saying that Christians use in their daily conversations, “Demen si Dye vle” which translates to “Tomorrow if God Pleases” when I found this out, I was so blown away because it is used so casually but it has so much meaning.  


Nakia:  “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.”  Ecclesiastes 11:4