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At EHS Kindness is Contagious



The Random Acts of Kindness Committee is the heart of the kindness movement at Ewing High whose aim is to help everyone create a better school climate by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions.  We invite you to be a part of the MOVEMENT!
The Random Acts of Kindness committee allows students to promote the kindness of simple acts. If they have witnessed any incidents of kindness or someone has done something nice for them students are urged to nominate that person through a simple form that is filled out and submitted to the RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Committee. Those students are then recognized with a certificate and mentioned over the afternoon announcements for their kindness! The RAK Wreath that hangs in the entrance of our school hallways symbolizes each act of kindness performed. Every ribbon attached is an act of kindness performed by one of our students.


Mrs. Oksana Cheesman spearheaded the RAK initiative here at Ewing High school. With the support of Mr. Chmiel and the rest of the administrative team, the RAK Committee was formed. The committee now consists of Mrs. Cheesman, Ms. Shannon Pedersen, Mrs. Christine Galliano, Ms.  Lisa Daidone, Ms. Chloe Paliabelos and Ms. Dawnielle Gelfman. During the 2017-2018 school year 29 students were nominated for their random acts of kindness. The committee hopes to see that number double this year by raising awareness about kindness and what RAK is.


 We are striving to spread kindness and build community within our school. Kindness is contagious!





RAK Report for 2017-18 School Year: 

  • RAK committee was formed in February 2018
  • The first nomination took place on February 27, 2018
  • The first school announcement was March 9th 2018
  • From March until June(the end of the school year) 2018 - 29 students were nominated by teachers for Random Act of Kindness.
  • Each nominated students was
    • Recognised during morning announcements
    • Acknowledged by placing students photo in the cafeteria bulletin board
    • Given an award of recognition