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Ewing Teachers in New Jersey STEM Innovation Fellowship Program

Traci Lambert Two Ewing elementary school teachers have successfully completed their first year of the competitive New Jersey STEM Innovation Fellowship program.   The New Jersey STEM Innovation Fellowship is based on MƒA’s proven teacher fellowship program in New York City.   During the fellowship teachers meet, outside of school hours, to explore innovative teaching practices that enhance student learning. 

Traci Lambert of Lore Elementary School and Jennifer Van Leeuwen of Antheil Elementary School joined a statewide cohort of 29 elementary school teachers and math coaches from 24 school districts. They have implemented “number strings” using effective pedagogies while participating in professional learning communities led by faculty of Montclair State, Princeton University and Rowan University.  

What is a number string? A number string is a set of related math problems, crafted to support students to construct big ideas about mathematics and build their own strategies. 

MƒA tailored the NJ STEM Innovation Fellowship Program to fit New Jersey’s specific needs to advance Governor Phil Murphy’s education agenda. After consulting with the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), MƒA determined that the pilot year would focus on improving elementary math education through the use of a teaching practice called “number strings.” Number strings have been shown to significantly improve learning outcomes in elementary math.  

Both Ms. Lambert and Mrs. Van Leeuwen have been invited to join the second year of the program. During the second year, the teachers will have the opportunity to further develop their expertise in effective teaching strategies and engage their colleagues in explorations of multiple strategies that work to enhance student learning and achievement in mathematics.