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Welcome to Lore Elementary School.

Welcome to Lore Elementary School

13 Westwood Drive

Ewing, NJ  08628 

Main Office (609) 538-9800 ext. 6100

Nurse's Office (609) 538-9800 ext. 6125 


Principal Kawalek Welcome Letter


LPA Executive Board Election Results

Thank you to the parents and guardians who came to Lore School to vote for the LPA Executive Board. We also want to thank each candidate who accepted the nomination for a position and who ran for the Board. Joe McNeil was elected LPA President, Emily Morgan and Jaime Trafford will be LPA Co-Vice Presidents, Stefanie Baughman will be the LPA Treasurer, and Sherries Anderson will be LPA Secretary. Information about the first LPA meeting and this year’s LPA events is forthcoming.


Getting Ready to ROAR at Lore!


Leo the Lion has long been the mascot of Lore Elementary School. Leo can be seen throughout Lore School, and he is often in attendance at community events. In fact, the word leo means lion in Latin. Throughout history, the lion has been seen as a symbol of strength and courage, and what is most unique about lions is the fact that they live in a group, or pride. They live within their group, helping each other to survive, and a lion’s roar is what marks its territory, what makes it “home”.  Much like lions, the students of Lore School are proud to live as a group each day, helping each other to succeed and excel, roaring to mark our territory and make our strong, positive, powerful voices heard in the community around us.

This year, the students of Lore School will continue to honor the history of Leo the Lion and celebrate his powerful character traits through our ROAR initiative. The acronym ROAR stands for Respect, Ownership, Achievement, Responsibility, the four expectations we will celebrate and honor throughout the school year. Like lions, we will work together, stand with pride, and roar to mark our territory. We will continue to grow as individuals and as a school community, and we will continue to make Lore School a place where we work to make the world a better place.


Lore Neighborhood Parking

When parking on the streets around Lore School, especially on Westwood Drive and Willowood Drive, please do not block the driveways of our neighbors. In New Jersey, there is an ordinance that specifies a car must be at least five feet away from a driveway entrance. Ewing Police will ticket cars in violation of this ordinance. Thank you for helping us to continue a respectful partnership with our neighbors.