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Parkway 5th Students Given Books to Build Home Reading Libraries!

BookSmiles Mrs. Eve Schroeder is a Parkway Elementary School teacher who has switched roles this school year from 3rd grade virtual teacher to an EIS ‘in-person’ teacher to a 5th grade ELA virtual teacher. While switching back and forth, Mrs. Schroeder realized that students who are learning at home do not always have access to books to read independently. With a small donation, Mrs. Schroeder was able to collect approximately 100 books from BookSmiles to give to her students.

BookSmiles, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides educators, especially those serving Title I schools, with unlimited books for their classroom libraries as well as for their students' personal collections. After a bit of planning it was decided that the virtual 5th grade students would come to school one afternoon to browse the books Mrs. Schroeder collected. A contactless exchange was arranged and each virtual student was able to take home up to three books, including one brand new book. Parkway ‘in-person’ 5th grade students were able to choose a brand new book during their library special class that same week.