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Character Counts at Parkway

PES Be The Change


At Parkway School our ultimate mission is for the educators to work with the students to help them develop academically, socially, emotionally and civically to the best of their abilities. To that end we are working to incorporate the components of Positive Education and develop and expand students’ knowledge and display of internal character traits. 

Along with our daily mindfulness moments, during morning announcements, the students are given a task to consider from the daily character trait calendar. Each month a different calendar trait will be highlighted and taught to the students on the first school day of the month. September’s character trait was ‘Honesty’. 

As the month progresses, students receive a ticket anytime they display the character trait. At the end of the month the students count up their tickets to determine their character strength for the month and display it on a sign in the monthly class picture. These class pictures will be displayed on a bulletin board outside of the gym and updated monthly. 

To further encourage and showcase students’ good choices and positive tasks, teachers can send students to the office for a “Positive Office Referral” to receive congratulations from a member of the front office staff or a student can receive a “shout out” from a staff member which will be read during morning announcements. All of these ideas for encouragement will continue to increase in number due to the efforts of the school-wide “Be The Change” committee. 

This committee is staffed by every member of the Parkway School professional staff on a rotating basis. In addition, 17 Parkway School teachers have been trained in the principles of Positive Education which allows us to look at how we build and maintain student/teacher relationships as a way to increase academic achievements and time on task.