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Parkway's Bright Chijioke: Self-Proclaimed Engineer

Bright Chijioke


This year first grade students in Ewing Township have all been engaged in hands-on, creative and innovate iSTEM activities as part of the district science curriculum. These activities have allowed students to be problem solvers and inventors. Bright Chijioke is a first grade student at Parkway School who has fully embraced the iSTEM philosophy by claiming himself an engineer and using his new found interests to create crafts to give to his classmates. Bright was interviewed by Parkway Principal Mrs. Harris about his “journey” as an engineer:


What made you begin to call yourself and engineer? I love making stuff.


When did being an engineer become something that you wanted to work on becoming? When the people came to talk to us about businesses (Junior Achievement) I told them I was an engineer and I wanted to have a shop.


How did having a shop become a reality? I was making stuff for my friends and had an idea to be an engineer and have a shop.


Who helped you create your classroom shop? Mrs. Comer helped me make my shop out of an empty cubby.


What do you make in your shop? I make bookbags, masks, hats, clothes and I have a disco ball.


What kind of materials do you use to make your products? I use paper from the recycle basket, tape, glue and crayons.


How much do your products cost? I give them away for free to my friends. I have friends who help me make the projects to give away.


What was the first project you created? I made a bookbag.


Once you had the idea to make the bookbag what made you realize could actually make one? I had faith.


Any last thoughts you want to leave us with about being an engineer and your shop? On the last day of school I plan to have a fashion show to show what I have made. I want to bring food from my house to have a party for my assistants for all of their hard work. When I grow up I want to make inventions, time machines, clothes and real bookbags.