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Parkway First Graders Solve a HUGE Problem!

Johnny Appleseed


Parkway Kindergarten and First Grade students celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day. Kindergarten students came dressed to school like Johnny Appleseed, read books about him and created Johnny Appleseed puppets. Students learned how to make applesauce and had the opportunity to sample the applesauce during snack time.


Johnny Appleseed actually showed up to visit Parkway First Graders because he had a HUGE problem! His bag was ripped and he needed something else to carry his apples! He gave them a plethora of supplies: pipe cleaners, cardstock, ribbon, hole punchers, popsicle sticks, etc. and asked them to create a new technology that could carry two apples!


We are proud to say, with their hard work and determination, students designed quite a few new ways for Johnny to carry his apples! Johnny Appleseed left Parkway very happy, to say the least! Parkway first grade students put a new twist to STEM for Johnny Appleseed.