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Who Should I Call When...


 Posted:  08/014/2018:  Who I Should Contact When....

On occasion, a parent may have a concern, complaint, suggestion or request related to a school decision or policy. Many questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the person in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken, with appeals moving on to the next level in the chain of command.


General information (school/Board calendar, policies/regulations, employee contact information, individual schools websites, etc.) is always available for you at our website: Our phone number is 609-538-9800.


   1 .      Matters concerning instruction, discipline, or extra-curricular activities at Ewing High School or Fisher Middle School:


                Classroom Teacher, Club Advisor or Athletic Director:

EHS Main Office:                                                                                                                           Ext: 2100

Athletic Director (matters related to athletics):                                                                      Ext: 2126

FMS Main Office:                                                                                                                          Ext: 3100


2.      Matters Related to Curriculum and Instruction:

Guidance/Counseling and Testing:                                               Betty Jo Prince                  Ext: 2121

K-12 English Language Arts, ESL:                                                   Sara Graja                       Ext: 2156

K-12 Social Studies, World Language, Music, Art:                      James Woidill:                  Ext: 2152

S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math):        

K-12 S.T.E.M.                                                                        Don Wahlers:                  Ext: 3148 

Special Education Programs

                PK-5 Programs                                                                  Maria Petsos:                    Ext: 4154

                Grade 6 – Age 21                                                              Dave Hauserman:            Ext: 3701

9-12 Family & Consumer Science/Business                                Clifford "Kip" Harrison     Ext: 2107              

Health & Physical Education:                                                        Francis "Bud" Kowal:        Ext: 2126

Assistant Principal "PreK-5 Curriculum & Instruction"             Michelle Conway:             Ext:  3153


3.      Matters Related to Student Discipline at Ewing High School:

Dean of Students:                                                                           Chris Heywood:                Ext: 2103

Dean of Students:                                                                           Shaleila Jarrett:                 Ext: 2105

Assistan Principal (Grades 10 & 11):                                            Karen Allen Benton:        Ext: 2106

Assistant Principa (Grades 9 & 12):                                             Clifford "Kip" Harrison:   Ext: 2107

Principal:                                                                                          Edward Chmiel               Ext: 2102


Matters Related to Student Discipline at Fisher Middle School:

Dean of Students:                                                                           Erika Freeman:                  Ext: 3105

Assistant Principal:                                                                         Scott Sheplock:                  Ext: 3105

Assistant Principal:                                                                         Hugh Dwyer:                      Ext: 3105

Principal:                                                                                          Dr. Maggy Hanna:             Ext: 3102


4.      Matters related to elementary schools:


Antheil Elementary School:

Dean of Students:                                                                           Ilona Chasar:              Ext: 4103

Principal:                                                                                          Jennifer Whitner:            Ext: 4102


 Lore Elementary School: 

Dean of Students:                                                                           Kerry Young                      Ext: 6103

Principal:                                                                                           Kelly Kawalek:                 Ext: 6102


Parkway Elementary School:

Dean of Students:                                                                           Joseph Callea:                   Ext: 5105

Principal:                                                                                          Nicole Harris:                    Ext: 5102


5.      On matters involving school operations:


Food Services:                                                                                 Alyssa Pernice:                Ext: 7106

Transportation:                                                                               Irene Presutti:                  Ext: 7111

Buildings and Grounds:                                                                 Anthony Brunell              Ext: 7102

Registration/Residency:                                                                David Mikalauskas:         Ext: 7180

Extended Day Program:                                                                Rachael Lovero:               Ext: 7178

SBA/Board Secretary:                                                                    Dennis Nettleton:            Ext: 1302


6.      Anti-Bullying/HIB Concerns


                Contact Building Level Anti-Bullying Specialist

                District HIB Coordinator:                                                               Betty Jo Prince:              Ext: 2121


7.      To resolve all matters only after you have followed the levels outlined above:


Assistant Superintendent:                                                           Danita Ishibashi:               Ext: 1402

Superintendent:                                                                             Michael Nitti:                   Ext: 1102