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Antheil 5th Grade Class Creates Model Solar System

AES Fifth graders at Antheil School in Mrs. Van Leeuwen and Ms. Maierle's science class had the opportunity to learn about the solar system.  Students learned that scientists create scale models for things we study that are either too large or small to see with the naked eye. Scientists create models of DNA and atoms, items too small to see, as well as huge things like the universe or solar system.  We use scale models for fun too!  Did you know Match Box cars are made at a scale of 1:64?

The students created scale models of the sun, earth and moon and had to go outside in order to have enough space to show the scale distance of these three space objects.  The earth and the moon were pretty close together on this model, only 5.5cm apart and students were surprised to see how far the sun was away: 21 meters!  This helped students understand that the sun and moon appear to be about the same size from our view here on earth, even though the sun is much larger than the moon. It is so far away from earth, that the sun appears relatively small. By the way, our scale model of the solar system was 1:6,000,000,000.