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CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Christine Perkins!



Teachers from Antheil Elementary School, Ilona Chasar, Rikki Frischman, Christine Perkins, Christine Tirrell, and Lindsay Zarzecki participated in a 5 week Workshop at TCNJ for Environmental Sustainability Education. During the 5 weeks, our teachers developed a project that focused on inspiring and demonstrating responsible uses of water. 

The project entails redesigning Antheil's current courtyard to include raised beds for each grade level and to incorporate a drip irrigation system for each bed. Antheil School was awarded a grant from TCNJ to fund the project. The project construction is set to start in fall of 2019. 

Additionally, Christine Perkins was given the 2019 Environmental Sustainability Education Award for her work with TCNJ students and Antheil Garden Club. Congratulations!


Antheil Teachers