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How Do You Keep Rabbits Out of the Garden?



Ms. Spagnuolo’s preschoolers are excited for spring and combined a springtime STEM activity with the song, “Mr. Rabbit”, from Music for the Very Young. This musical program is presented weekly to preschoolers by Trenton Music Makers.


Ms. Spagnuolo read Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming to students who enjoyed hearing how three clever rabbits were able to climb fences, dig under walls and swim through trenches to muncha, muncha, muncha vegetables in a garden.


Students then listened to “Mr. Rabbit” and planted a pretend garden full of vegetables any rabbit would love. Ms. Spagnuolo let loose a wind-up Mr. Rabbit who got right into the garden. The class brainstormed different ways to prevent Mr. Rabbit from coming back, including building a wall. Students were given Legos to build different shaped walls and considered: would the tallest or longest wall keep Mr. Rabbit out of the garden? Students discovered a long wall kept Mr. Rabbit out of their garden best.