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Congratulations to Mrs. Gallagher for being named Teacher of the Year for 2019

Teacher of the Year 2019 - Congratulations Mrs. Gallagher

Mrs. Gallagher

Antheil is very proud to announce their 2018-2019 Educator of the Year, Mrs. Amanda Gallagher! Mrs. Gallagher has seven years of teaching experience, all at Antheil Elementary School.  She is a graduate of the Ewing Public School District and still resides in the township. Mrs. Gallagher graduated from The College of New Jersey. 


Mrs. Gallagher is a 5th grade teacher. She has worked in an inclusion setting and is able to use her training to provide support for all of her students. Mrs. Gallagher attends professional development learning opportunities to make sure she is aware of all the current methods in education.  She was a member and leader of Antheil’s Positive Behavior team and she is also an active member of the ETEA.


Mrs. Gallagher is a wonderful resource for all teachers, both new to the profession and tenured, and does not hesitate to help out a fellow educator in need. She mentors new teachers and provides support as a team leader. Because of her excellent reputation and expertise in the area of math, Mrs. Gallagher’s fifth grade math class was selected as a model classroom for other educators from Fisher Middle School to observe.   


Mrs. Gallagher is an incredible educator that has touched the lives of not only her students, but of her fellow teachers and community members as well. Each year, Mrs. Gallagher goes above and beyond her duties as a classroom teacher and the success of her students is proof of her commitment to educating our youth.  The quote by Michelle Obama, "Work to create the world as it should be,” best describes Mrs. Gallagher’s philosophy she instills for all of her students. Mrs. Gallagher highly epitomizes the Educator of the Year characteristics and is truly deserving of this recognition and award! ​