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Antheil Elementary is a Kindness Certified School 2019

Congratulations to Antheil Elementary School

for being a Kindness Certified School 


                                        AES Kindness 2019    Kindness Certified


The Antheil Elementary School Community celebrated the Great Kindness Challenge from January 28th through February 1 by exemplifying what it means to be a kind citizen both in and out of the school community. Students were provided with a list of suggested Kindness Acts and were then challenged to complete as many as possible. If students completed at least 10 Acts of Kindness and recorded them on their log to hand in, they were awarded with a Certificate of Kindness. Each day during the announcements, students were given a kindness tip which they were challenged to perform that day. Additionally, Helping Hands Students created Kindness Posters to display throughout the school and spread messages of positivity. Throughout the week Mrs. Whitner and her staff saw a marked increase in kindness acts from students which were positively recognized to encourage them to continue their kind behaviors through the rest of the year. 


Kindness 2019 Great Kindness Challenge