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Champions for Education in Ewing!


Each year for the past 25 years, the Ewing Public Education Foundation follows its important mission of raising funds to support teacher grants for innovative programs and scholarships benefiting our Ewing students.  EPEF is an independent non-profit organization and every year we continue to meet our goals of giving back to our community.  To date we have raised over $750K, but we couldn’t do it without you!  

We are grateful that you take the time to invest in our students, helping to provide them with experiences and opportunities above and beyond.  So, thank you for helping us help our students!  As our board president Karl Clark says, ‘We are grateful for every dollar because every dollar counts!’  To support this giving cycle, please go to



  • What does EPEF do? EPEF provides grants to The Ewing Public Schools for innovative educational programs through fund-raising and corporate and institutional sponsorship.  It also recently began providing student scholarships to graduating Ewing High School students.
  • Is EPEF supported by tax dollars? No! EPEF’s funds are raised strictly through private donations from parents, citizens, businesses and corporate sponsors.  One of our major partners is Educational Testing Service (ETS).  They provide annual funding to the foundation to help us serve the community.  If you are interested in becoming a partner, please go to
  • How is EPEF related to the Board of Education and the District Administration: The Foundation is completely independent from both the Board and Administration, but works closely with both groups to identify funding opportunities and needs.
  • Is EPEF related to the Ewing Teachers’ Education Association (Teachers Union): No!  While EPEF enjoys an excellent relationship with the Ewing teachers, there is no connection between the two organizations.  Many teachers contribute to the success of the Foundation through payroll deduction.
  • How can I help? You can invest in the power of innovative education by making a tax-deductible contribution (no matter how small) to EPEF.  If your employer has a matching program, please also consider it because it would double the contribution to us.  Visit the website (, for more information.