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FMS Students Research Solutions for Climate Change

Concerned about climate change?  Well, rest a little easier knowing that the 6th graders in Mrs. Mocarski and Mrs. DeBaun's 6th grade Earth Science classes at Fisher Middle School have been hard at work researching ways they can help find solutions!

This semester they have been learning about climate change and have been exploring the research of leading scientists in this field.  Their culminating projects included designing a home that could better withstand a hurricane and taking part in a Climate Change Summit where they had the chance to research and present their findings on the pros and cons of alternative energy solutions.  

Mrs. Mocarski shared, "I absolutely love the 6th grade science curriculum and am so lucky to be working with Ms. DeBaun's second block.  All of her lessons are designed to make kids think about their place in our world and how they can affect change. She exposes her students to recent technology, including online storm and building simulators to help connect the curriculum better and further motivate them to explore different avenues in science. Her idea for a Climate Change Summit was incredible!  I am new to Fisher's science program and am loving the block schedule that allows us more time for in-depth creative projects. The kids are really enjoying this unit of study!"

In her last-period resource center class, Mrs. Mocarski challenged her students to take their designs to the next level and create 3-dimensional models of their homes at school using recycled materials. They had the chance to present them in a "museum walkthrough format" to their peers and staff.  It was a great event and everyone was impressed with their creative designs. "I am new to Fisher, but am thankful to have this opportunity to work with such a great group of students and fantastic staff in my new role as a science teacher."

ClimateThis is what some 6th-grade students had to say about climate change:

 "We need to open our eyes to what is going on around us. Kids can help too. We don't need as much ‘stuff’. We can be more aware of what we're throwing away and our own carbon footprint."

"I want to go into some kind of engineering field, so I really loved learning about New Jersey building codes post-Sandy and designs that are working."

"Learning about how temperature and weather are related to hurricanes and tornadoes forming was really interesting. I loved our mini-labs where we got to explore different designs first, like our toothpick challenge where we found out triangular designs were more supportive, and also our tornado and convection labs."

"Science is so much fun at Fisher. I'm glad it's not all bookwork and memorizing things. I like hands-on projects and understanding why stuff is important. I think I want to go into engineering now, so I know I have to do better in math and science."

With these great minds at work, we are in good hands!