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FMS Participates in #NonfictionNovember

FMS Students at Fisher Middle School participated in #NonfictionNovember, a school-wide reading challenge that prompted them to expand their reading repertoire and dive into works of nonfiction. As part of the challenge, they were asked to read at least one book for the month, submit their own book review - complete with a short summary and their opinions on the book - for a chance to win a prize. 

When asked about the importance of incorporating nonfiction in their regular reading, students had this to say:

"It's important to read nonfiction because the books or articles can tell you something you didn't know about before," said Franchesca Cruz. 

"It's important to read nonfiction because it might teach you something new. You might learn about a new place, a new topic, a new culture, or a new formula," said Sofia Latushka.

"It may show you things that you can do in life, it may help you to plan your future, and Books give you ideas about what you want to be," added Chloe Taylor.