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Fisher Middle School and Ewing High School Parent Letter Change in Program

November 13th, 2020

Dear FMS and EHS Parents,

We have had a successful opening of our in-person and virtual learning programs this school year.  Thank you to all the members of the school community for your support and understanding as we navigate the challenges of this public health crisis.

As was previously communicated prior to the start of the school year, there is an opportunity for FMS and EHS students to switch to another program for the second (2nd) quarter which begins November 16th.  It is expected that students will then remain in this placement for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

The Genesis Parent Access Registration Request Change Form will be available November 18th -24th Only complete the Genesis registration form if you want to request a change in your child’s learning program. You do not need to complete the registration form for your child to remain in their current program. You will indicate whether your child will switch to the In-Person School or the Virtual Learning Program 2.0.

Maintaining social distancing through small class size and promoting a safe in-school experience is at the forefront of all decisions. Therefore, each building will need time to review requests and balance classroom rosters for the second quarter. Since Fisher Middle school has dedicated in-person and virtual core instruction teachers, students requesting a change to in-person or virtual learning will have a complete schedule change with all new core content teachers.  As the high school does not have dedicated in-person or virtual teachers, but has a complex scheduling matrix, a request to change a student’s program may require a change in assigned teachers.

Parents will be notified if the buildings can accommodate the request by December 14th – 16th and the start date for the new program (December 16th - 18th ).

If you have further questions about the educational program, please contact your child’s building principal.

Thank you,

Danita Ishibashi

Assistant Superintendent



FAQ Grade 6-12 Program Change





  1. Will my child’s teacher change if I request a switch in the in-person or virtual learning program?

Yes, the middle school has dedicated in-person and virtual learning teachers. A child change in program request will result in a change in teacher. Since the high school instructional programs do not have dedicated virtual and in-person teachers, a teacher change is related to an individual student’s schedule.

  1. If I want my child to stay in their current program, will their teacher change?

At this time, it is our intention to minimize adjusting the schedule and teacher assignments for students who wish to remain in their current program. That being said, there are many variables to review when creating a schedule. The request for program changes could impact teacher and student assignments.

  1. If there is a large number of students who request moving to the in-person or virtual learning program, could my child’s current teacher be moved to teach in the other program?

Yes, this one possibility based on request for a program change. Our goal is to minimize the disruption to student and staff schedules.

  1. If there are a large number of requests to move to the in-person program, what will be the class size?

To maintain the recommended social distancing, we aim for a class size of twelve (12) students. Class size determines the class location within a building.

  1. How will you determine who can join the in-person program if you have more requests then spaces to maintain the small class size?

We are looking at the request to shift in-person and the virtual program when developing a schedule. At this time, we hope to meet the requested changes.

  1. What happens if the school shifts back to a fully virtual schedule?

If the district needs to shift to a fully virtual schedule, students will remain with their current teachers.

  1. Can I request a change in my child’s learning program in the future?

Our goal is to maintain a stable instructional program for our students and our staff. As we shared in prior communications, families would have the opportunity to change their child’s instructional program at the end of the first quarter. There are many variables when adjusting student schedules as well as restrictions (class size etc.) that need consideration. At this time, we are asking that students remain in the selected learning program for the remainder of the school year. We will re-evaluate in January 2021.

  1. Can I have my middle school in-person child just continue to log in virtually on the A and B day?

While the content being taught in the virtual and in-person program is the same, the instructional learning tasks are different. The in-person teachers are designing instructional learning tasks that takes advantage of the small group, in-person setting every other day. The virtual learning teachers design instructional learning tasks for whole class in a fully virtual setting. An in-person students who attends class virtually on their in-person day will miss participating in the hands-on learning tasks which will engage students in the classroom.