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Ewing High School May 2024 Senior Spotlight: Meet Tatyana Peagler

Immediate Release

May 1, 2024


It is May; the next few months will be very exciting.  What are you most looking forward to at the end of your senior year?  I am most looking forward to being able to walk the stage since we were not able to in 8th grade due to the pandemic.  I am excited to share this moment with the people closest to me and my peers.

What is your favorite subject? 

My favorite subject is math because there is always one solid answer. There is never any room for an opinion or different perceptions, plus there are no essays!

Who is your favorite teacher and why?

I have experienced so many great teachers throughout my high school career. I could not choose just one, so I selected two that have had the most positive impact on me in high school.   Mr. “K” Kocubinski, the culinary teacher, who radiates so much positive energy, it is contagious.  It was also a delight being able to create wonderful food dishes in his class. One of my favorite teachers is also Mrs. Hewlett.  She is the teacher who fueled my passion for accounting, and helped me determine my career path.


You are participating in the Senior Experience; can you share what you are doing?    

I am currently working at IHOP, which is just down the street. While there, I am a waitress and help fulfill all of our customers' pancake needs.  

What activities do you participate in school? 

In school, I participate in one of our cultural clubs, Black Student Alliance aka BSA. I am the current treasurer who handles all the budgeting for our events, such as our Afro Arts Fest held in February and our Juneteenth Jubilee held in June! I am also a part of the Bridge to Employment program, which aims to increase the number of students who enroll in high education as well as increase the number of students pursuing health or science careers. 

What awards or acknowledgments have you received in school or outside of school?

I received Student of the Month during my junior year of high school. I also received an award for Club Award Night for BSA last year and have been nominated again this year. I also received the Presidential Honor roll for my previous three years. 

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

My greatest accomplishment to date is my academic success throughout my entire school career. I have maintained a 4.4 GPA with little to no stress and will continue to strive for that goal through college. I am also proud of my character development and who I am becoming as a person. 

 How do you define success? 

I define success as something that is individualized and is determined by the goals you set for yourself. Success is not about how much money you make or how famous you are. It is also not defined by one big thing; a multitude of little things that you do can be deemed as successful. Success is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s perceived by one’s perception. 

Who or what has influenced your life in a positive way? 

Both of my parents have influenced me and my life in positive ways. I have always strived to become better for them. Their stories of trials and tribulations and coming out on top have resonated with me. I am who I am because I have had such an amazing team on my side and I plan to repay them back tenfold in the future. 

What is your favorite quote or book? 

My favorite quote is, “You have to trust the signs. Everything will turn out fine, so why aren’t you smiling?” - W.A.Y.S by Jhené Aiko

What is your favorite memory of high school?  

My favorite memory of high school was all of our pep rallies and beating the seniors last year for the trip!

What are your plans after you graduate Ewing High School?

After I graduate from Ewing High School, I plan to further my education at Kean University and get my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in either business or accounting. I also want to become partners with my mom and become a real estate agent. 

What advice do you have for Fisher Middle School 8th grade students coming to Ewing High School in September 2024?

High School is not at all like the movies, but it’s also not as scary as it seems. My best advice that I can give is to continue to immerse yourself in all of the clubs and activities. Go to the interest meetings and find something you enjoy doing. While grades are important, it’s also extremely important to socialize with those around you. High school is a much bigger place than middle school.  You may not stay friends with everyone, but that’s okay. Find your group of individuals that always has your best interest at heart. 

If there were one thing you could change about your high school experience, what would that be?

If I were to change one thing about my high school experience, it would be joining more clubs or doing a sport. Other than that, I truly enjoyed these four years of high school. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I see myself living in a different state using my business and accounting skills to open my own firm while working towards becoming a broker in real estate. 

What do you want people to remember about you after you graduate from high school? 

I want people to remember me as someone who was kind and always put her best foot forward, no matter what.