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A STAR in the Making!  EHS 2019 Alumnus Scott Silagy  

Immediate Release

March 2024 


The GoodNews staff had an opportunity to interview former Ewing High School (EHS) Class of 2019 Alumnus, Scott Silagy, as he tours the United States with Broadway’s Tony award-winning musical, Hairspray.  As we enter into March, the prime season for the opening of the Ewing High School’s musical, “Between the Lines”, it was nice to catch up with Scott, so he could share how the EHS Drama catapulted his life’s career choice in the performing arts.  A star in the making, it will be a short time before we see Scott’s name shining in lights on Broadway in New York City! 

The last time you were on stage at Ewing High School you were performing in “Legally Blonde” as Elle Woods’ suitor, Emmett Forest.  How did being part of EHS Drama influence your decision to pursue a career in acting?

EHS Drama gave me the push I needed to pursue performing arts in college and then afterward as well. My sophomore year of high school, I played the role of Jesus in the school’s production of “Godspell” and that experience was really what pushed me to pursue theatre. The cast formed such a strong community bond during the rehearsal process of that show, it was an experience I had never felt before in my life.  It changed me.  “Godspell” was the first show that I did at Ewing High and Ms. Monaco Caldwell helped me grow in so many ways during that production.

What were your plans after graduating Ewing High School?

Once I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to study musical theatre in college. It took some time for me to find a program that I fit into, so in the meantime, I took three semesters of community college. Eventually, I was accepted into Marymount Manhattan College and I moved out of my parents’ house and into New York City, which was a dream come true. 

How did you land in New York City at Marymount Manhattan College and, what is your major?  

When I was submitting to Marymount, college auditions were online due to the pandemic.  I submitted two songs, a monologue and a dance combo, through their online portal. I was submitting to lots of schools at this time, and Marymount was the first school I heard back from saying that I was accepted into their BFA Musical Theater program. Next, my mom and I went to take a tour of the school, and it seemed to be the fit for me. 

No one was more excited than Ms. Christina Monaco Caldwell to share with us, you are now traveling in the hit Broadway Musical Hairspray as the character Sketch.  How did that audition come about?

I look for auditions through this program called, “Actors Access”, where I have a profile and can see all sorts of audition breakdowns. I saw the breakdown for the Hairspray audition, so I submitted my vocal reel through “Actors Access”, and was lucky enough to get called in for a callback. The callbacks went for a full week. On some days, I would just sing from my audition book. Throughout the week, we had to learn two dance combos.  

I had been following the “Hairspray” tour for a little while before I ended up auditioning for the show. This is the third year of this tour so I had been watching the last two years through their social media. I am very lucky that I go to college in Manhattan because, between classes and work, I am also able to go to all the auditions that happen at all the big studios.  

Tell us a little about the audition?

I had such a great time auditioning for this tour. The dance calls were especially exhilarating because our choreographer, Robbie Roby, who was also a part of the original Broadway production, was teaching us the combos in the room.  He was making sure that we understood why these character roles needed to dance the way they do. While there were lots of people at these auditions, the creative team made it feel very personal, which helped calm my nerves. 

You are traveling across the United States with the show and seem to be in a different city every weekend?  What is that like? 

Touring has been action packed! We perform eight shows a week with two shows on each Saturday and Sunday and off on Mondays. Since we have no shows on Mondays, that is normally when we travel. At the start of the tour we did a lot of week sits where we would do all eight shows in that city, Tuesday-Sunday.  During January and February we are doing a lot of split weeks where we did multiple cities within the week. So we might do a show Tuesday night, then travel Wednesday morning and do a show Wednesday night in another city. The split weeks, while they are very tiring, are extremely exciting. We get to share our show with so many different people. The week sits are nice because we get to explore the city a little more.  A few weeks ago, we were in Syracuse for five days, so I was able to rent a car and go check out Niagara Falls with a couple of friends.  

The last weekend in January you were in Morristown, New Jersey at Mayo Performing Arts Center performing in Hairspray.  What was it like performing for the ‘home-town’, so to speak, where family and friends were in the audience? 

This is the closest stop to home for me and it was so refreshing seeing all of my friends and family from home.  It is also the closest stop to Manhattan, so my friends from Marymount were also able to come see the show in Morristown. At this point, I had been with the tour for about five months, so it was a very special feeling getting to share the work I have been up to with all the lovely people in my life. 

What words of wisdom can you share with other fellow EHS students who might be pursuing a career in the Performing Arts?

I think it is so important to find enjoyment in auditioning, because that is what I have spent most of my time doing. Even for college. I auditioned for so many programs before I found my fit. Never give up and keep learning! 

Where do you see yourself in five years?   ​​

In five years I would love to be a full-time performer in New York. As young performers, we go to auditions in New York City and the jobs we get take us out of the city. The dream is to live and work in New York City.  

Scott’s last stop on this tour of Hairspray will be in June 2024 at the Music Hall At Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.