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Ewing High School February 2024 Senior Spotlight:  Meet Isabelle Hanlin

Immediate Release

February 1, 2024



What are you most looking forward to this semester? 


I am looking forward to participating in senior experience as well as the senior activities near the end of the year, including prom and graduation. 


What is your favorite subject? 


My favorite subjects are art and history.  


You are a gifted artist. How did you first find your passion for art?


I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, and anything to do with arts and crafts. Both my sister and my mom are also very talented at art, so I have always been surrounded by it. 


Isabelle HanlinWhat was your most rewarding experience being a Peer Leader this year?


Getting the chance to go to Antheil Elementary School as a service project to read and do crafts with the kindergartners before our winter break. 


Who is your favorite teacher or coach and why?


My favorite teacher is Mr. DeCavalcante, also known as Mr. D. He never fails to help me better my artwork, and he is able to give me honest criticism, which I really appreciate. He also creates a great class environment and every class of his I have taken has been my favorite during my time at EHS. 


What activities do you participate in school? 


During school, I am a member of the National Honor Society.  I have been on the varsity fall cheerleading team for four years and was a captain for two of them.  I was a dance captain for the school musical both my sophomore and junior year, and I am a Peer Leader. 


What activities do you participate in outside of school? 


The main activity I participate in outside of school is competitive dance. I dance at Glen Roc Dance Shoppe and have been dancing there since I was young. I also have two jobs, Rita’s and Carvel.  


What accomplishments are you most proud of?  


I am most proud of my artwork being selected to move on to states at the teen arts festivals both my sophomore and junior year. Most recently I am proud of myself for being accepted into several competitive nursing programs and getting the chance to be able to select where I would like to go after high school. 


 How do you define success? 


Success to me is setting goals for your future self and working hard to accomplish them. 


What is your favorite memory of high school to date? 


Participating in powderpuff football games and pep rallies have been my favorite memories of high school. 


What is your favorite memory from kindergarten at Lore Elementary School?


I have wonderful memories of my teacher, Ms. Kalamas who would always dress up as characters who would teach us different lessons. I will always remember how Mrs. Kucker comforted me those first few months when I was nervous to go to school. 


What are your plans after you graduate from Ewing High School? 


After graduating from Ewing High School, I will attend a four-year university to get my Bachelor’s in Nursing. With my degree, I hope to become either an aesthetic nurse or a maternity nurse.


What do you want people to remember about you after you graduate from high school? 


I hope people remember me as a good friend and a fun, caring, and genuine person to be around. 


Isabelle Hanlin Dance Photograph