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Parkway Panthers Roar Professionally at NJEA Convention

While the NJEA Teachers’ Convention weekend is often a long, relaxing break for most people, many educators and support professionals head to Atlantic City for professional development and networking opportunities. In November 2022, two Parkway staff members roared into the NJEA Convention and had an amazing time.

Karen Grant Parkway School Media SpecialistMedia Specialist, Karen Grant, presented two professional development sessions as part of her work with the New Jersey Association of School Librarians. In one session, “Celebrating Diversity Through the Power of a Story,” Ms. Grant co-presented with Ms. Ellen Pozzi to share a book review of diverse books and led a discussion on best practices for using these books to support the Language Arts curriculum. The presentation was a Consortium-approved workshop, and was presented on Main Street! Ms. Grant also co-presented “Universal Design for Learning and Equity in the Classroom” with Ms. Gigi Mohamad. This presentation focused on the UDL framework and its application to instructional design and assessment. They also explored the role technology plays in reducing barriers to learning and achieving equity in the classroom. Next year, Ms. Grant will be the chair of the Annual Conference, “A World of Stories: A Celebration of Diversity in School Libraries.”

Mrs. Cline Parkway Teacher Second grade teacher Mrs. Leigh Cline also gave two presentations during the NJEA Convention. Mrs. Cline co-presented “Supporting Schools: Social, Emotional, Character Development and Positive School Climate” with other members of the New Jersey Alliance for Social Emotional and Character Development and SEL4NJ. This session gave an overview of the importance of these topics and how to integrate them within the school day and building. Mrs. Cline also co-presented another presentation, “Making the Most of Morning Meeting: Strengthening SEL Techniques” with other elementary County Teachers of the Year. This presentation focused on ways to integrate social emotional learning into the K-2 morning meeting routine.

Mrs. Cline is the Mercer County Teacher of the 2022-2023 Year and was awarded a certificate and gift during the HIPP Celebration of Excellence luncheon and awards at the convention.


Mrs. Cline Mercer County Teacher of the Year 2023