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The Ewing Public Schools Emergency Virtual Learning Plan for 2022-2023 School Year

Emergency Virtual Learning Plan for 2022-23

In accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:7F-9(c), the following narrative is an overview of the Ewing Schools’ emergency plan to switch to virtual instruction if necessitated by public health conditions or any other state of emergency.  More detailed information can be found on our 20-21 Restart and Recovery Plan to Reopen Schools, and the 21-22 Addendum to the Restart and Recovery Plan to Reopen Schools, located on the district website.

Scheduling of Students 


As an outcome of hybrid/blended learning, the district has embraced a more clearly defined blended learning model approach to virtual instruction. Partnering this with our expanded digital instructional resources, we have enhanced our ability to deliver an engaging and more personalized blended virtual learning model to students.  

If the district, a school building or classroom requires pivoting to a virtual format, we will use our Canvas LMS as the vehicle to centralize all instructional resources. If the health data determines a need for virtual learning, the district will implement our traditional early dismissal schedule with synchronous instruction. Teachers would deliver instruction through our learning management system to all assigned students during the early dismissal schedule. After allowing for staff to receive their contractual lunch and prep time, teachers will schedule students for a weekly/bi-weekly scheduled small group session for enrichment or intervention.  

 All services such as ESL and EIS services will be provided in a virtual format. We will continue with Band and Orchestra lessons in a virtual setting.  

Typical Elementary Student School Day 

9:00AM – 9:30AM  Morning Meeting 

*Follow the early dismissal schedule 

1:40PM  Dismissal- End of the synchronous instruction 

Teachers will have extended learning hours each afternoon to schedule a weekly or bi-weekly small group sessions, 2:00PM – 3:55PM. The weekly extended learning schedule will be posted for students. One day per week will be open for students (or parents) to schedule a session with his/her teacher. 

Fisher Middle School and Ewing High School

  • An early dismissal schedule will be implemented for both Fisher Middle and Ewing High School. 
  • Teachers will conduct their classes virtually daily to all students, and then have online/virtual extended learning opportunities each afternoon to assist all students. 
  • Allowing for staff to receive their contractual lunch and prep time, teacher will schedule students for a weekly/bi-weekly scheduled small group session for enrichment or intervention.  

Teachers will have extended learning hours each afternoon to schedule a weekly or bi-weekly small group sessions: Fisher Middle School 1:30PM – 3:05PM and Ewing High School 1:10PM – 2:45PM.  The weekly extended learning schedule will be posted for students. One day per week will be open for students (or parents) to schedule a session with his/her teacher.  

Teachers will have daily office hours to communicate with students on their virtual learning day. At Fisher Middle School the hours will be from 1:30PM – 3:05PM. Ewing High School office hours are 1:10PM – 2:45PM. 


Access to Technology: Supplement gaps in student access to devices and internet connectivity. Districts should deploy available devices to students without technology or connectivity to avoid exacerbating existing achievement gaps to the greatest extent possible. Consider making tools and resources platform-agnostic to increase access to resources for students who may not have dedicated devices for virtual learning. 

Technology and Connectivity 

The Ewing Public Schools has secured sufficient technology devices for all enrolled Kindergarten – twelve (12) grade students and staff to receive a Chromebook. Teachers or other staff who request a technology device are provided a Chromebook.  Any student or family expressing internet connectivity concerns are issued a Wi-Fi (hotspot) device. At this time, the district is fully a 1:1 device district.  

As we reflected upon the previous years’ technology and connectivity, we continue having conversations regarding how to support our families while providing engaging learning for students. 

When making decisions regarding purchasing technology devices, platforms and/or instructional materials, we review accessibility features for students with disabilities, English Language Learners (ELLs) and other assistive technologies. 

The Ewing Schools has considered the benefits and drawbacks of various video platforms for meetings and instructional purposes with the goal of consistency and functionality. 

The Ewing Schools has considered the technological needs of all students, including those with learning disabilities, assistive technology needs, and language barriers. Additionally, it will consider the attendant needs associated with deployment of needed technology, including student and parent trainings and acceptable use policy implementation. (p.92-93) 

Critical Area of Operation #8 – Meals 

 If we were to return to a virtual learning option, we will return to the successful process put in place during the pandemic. Families will receive bulk packaged food for breakfast and lunch based on a distributed weekly food pick up schedule.  

 If any parent is not sure if they have communicated your student’s needs, parents should contact the food service department at (609) 538-9800 Ext. 7106 or

The Ewing Schools is dedicated to the emotional and psychological well-being of our staff and students.  Counseling and wellness services and resources will be provided to all students virtually during any shut down of schools.

 In concert with our building level administration, the district will work to ensure that students with severe allergies will remain safe from their particular allergen. (p.66)