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Ewing Schools Community Release: Instructional Programming/Scheduling Update

Immediate Release

January 13, 2022     8AM

Ewing Schools to return to regular full-day “in-person” instructional schedule on Tuesday, January 18th 

Thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to navigate this post-holiday Omicron Covid surge. 

As you know, we have been operating on an “early dismissal” schedule with a virtual supplementation since our return from winter break.  We do believe this approach was helpful with regard to handling staffing shortages, minimizing large student gatherings at the secondary level, and helping keep our schools open. 

We will return to a regular full-day “in-person” instructional schedule on Tuesday, January 18th.

As we move forward, as directed by the Department of Education, we will evaluate relevant public health data on a “building by building” basis and consult with local public health officials.  Please remember that staffing shortages or public health factors could force a particular school to pivot to virtual instruction for a period of time, and parents, students and staff should always be prepared for that possibility.   

Have your child bring a fully-charged Chromebook/iPad to school each day. Please emphasize to your children the importance of taking care of their school-issued Chromebook/iPad.  

Please remember that public health officials are emphasizing the importance of proper and appropriate masking as we deal with Omicron. Surgical-quality masks, or double masking, is highly recommended.  Send your child to school with clean, quality masks and a backup. Masks should be worn properly to cover the mouth and nose, but only the mouth and nose for safety and security. No “ski masks” or “gaiters.” 

Remember, do not send your child to school if they are sick or have Covid-like symptoms.  Even if they have been vaccinated.   

Students must wear a mask while riding the school bus and should sit with family members. Please emphasize to your children the importance of physical distancing on the bus.  Remember, students who do not wear a mask on the bus will be prohibited from school transportation.  It also has to be noted that the Ewing Schools, and all districts, continue to struggle with Covid-related transportation challenges, and there may be delays. 

Physical distancing must be emphasized in all areas of the school.  

Thank you.