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Ewing Schools Starting Off Strong!

In early October, the Ewing Schools took part in the statewide Week of Respect. Let’s take a quick tour around the district and get a peek about how each school celebrated!

LoreThe students and staff at Lore School honored the Week of Respect with daily themes. On Monday, students showed that "Respecting Myself is NO SWEAT" by wearing sweatshirts and sweat suits. Lore Lions wore gear from their favorite sports teams on Tuesday to show that "It Takes TEAMWORK to Respect Others", and on Wednesday, they showed "Respect for LORE SCHOOL" by wearing blue and gold. Thursday was "COMMUNITY Unity Day", so everyone wore clothing or gear of a community group or organization, and on Friday, everyone showed "Respect for the ENVIRONMENT" by wearing green!

Over on Ewingville Road, Antheil School recognized the Week of Respect each day with an uplifting student morning announcement. Monday’s announcement was to show respect to yourself and always remember: you are amazing, you are brave, and you matter! Tuesday’s encouraging statement was to show TEAMWORK by being an UPstander for yourself or someone in need. On Wednesday, Antheil students wore school colors to show the importance of respecting their school. On, Thursday, Antheil created a “Mix it Up Day” to remind students and staff that every single person is special and unique, and has the ability to make many wonderful contributions to our world. Friday was the last day of the Week of Respect, and students wore green to signify showing respect for our environment.



The Week of Respect highlight at Parkway was Thursday’s Community Unity Day, the student body wore shirts from local camps, local sports team, or local organizations to show love, support and respect for the Ewing Community. “It was really something to see,” said visiting Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ishibashi. “Parkway became a veritable collage of Ewing clubs, teams and organizations. It truly gave everyone a strong sense of community and the feeling that these students really care about their own neighborhood. Also, Mrs. Donato, Parkway School Counselor also visited classes to do classroom lessons about respect and kindness with students.


At Fisher Middle School, on Monday students wore the color BLUE to Take a Stand Against Bullying and signed an Anti-Bullying Pledge. Each signed pledge was hung on the outside of all homeroom doors. Tuesday, select students helped write chalk messages outside on the sidewalks that conveyed messages about Respecting the Environment and students wore the color GREEN. Wednesday was wear PINK for Respecting Illnesses, and students wrote well wishes to someone who was sick or going through a tough time. YELLOW was the color for Thursday for “Respecting Self and Friendships” and the day also included a Mindfulness activity on self-acceptance and love. Fisher students and staff ended the week wearing the color RED for Respecting Everyone!


Ewing High School kicked off the month of October with the Student of the Month program, which is designed to acknowledge the students that have excelled in academics and community relationships. This program highlights two students from each grade that show leadership, unity, pride, honesty, integrity, and respect. This month’s honorees are listed below:

  • 9th Grade: James Gummel and Emily Gamboa Ordini
  • 10th Grade: Dariyon Doggett and Julianna Medina
  • 11th Grade: Jacob Schwartz and Eva Washington
  • 12th Grade: Ryan Leary and Makayla McCloskey

“October gives us the opportunity to come together as a school community and work on being the best version of ourselves,” Dr. Ishibashi added. “It is wonderful to see the school community demonstrate that there is a greater good we all should be working towards.”