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Ewing Schools Reopening of School FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What is the schedule when the Ewing Schools open on Wednesday, September 8th? 

All schools will be open for full day, in-person instruction for all students.

2. Will my child need to wear a mask in school? 

Yes. Per Governor Executive Order 251, all students,educators, staff and visitors will be required to wear masks inside of all school buildings-regardless of vaccination status for the start of the 2021-2022 academic school year. 

Please make sure they have a quality mask per CDC guidelines.No neck gaiters or face shields.  Bring a spare.  We will again provide masks to staff and students at the beginning of the year.

3. Will I need to complete a daily screening form in Genesis this school year? 

Students (and staff) will be asked to complete the COVID self-assessment screening each day before coming to school.  However, they will not have to complete the Genesis attestation like last year.  Quite simply, do not send your child to school if they are sick, or have been around someone who is sick.  This is vitally important to keeping our schools safe and healthy. 

4. How will students physically distance on a school bus?

It will obviously be challenging.  The governor’s Executive Order mandates the wearing of masks on the school bus by all individuals. Family members are encouraged to sit together.  Separate as much as possible from other students. Windows will be kept open on the bus as much as possible and ventilation will be emphasized. Parents who are uncomfortable with bussing are  encouraged to transport their children to and from school, but remember to give yourself plenty of travel time for drop-off and pick-up, as many other parents may do the same.  

Please also keep in mind that due to a national school bus driver shortage, there may be significant difficulties with school transportation, please be patient with us as we work through these issues.             

5. Will EHS and FMS students be given hallway lockers this year?               

Not to start the year.  We want to keep hallway travel and gatherings minimized.  We will evaluate this situation as the school year evolves.

6. What will lunch look like? 

Fortunately, we have experience in this matter as lunches were served all of last year at the elementary level.  Lunches will be “grab and go” boxes with a limited menu options. Al a carte menu items will be eliminated as lunch will be available to all students this school year. We will look to spread out and provide distance between our students as much as possible during lunch with innovative facility use.  We will continue to evaluate our lunch menu during the school year and hope to transition to hot lunch options as we make our way through the school year. All school provided lunches will be “nut-free”. 

7. If you travel out of state or out of country, will you need to quarantine before returning to school?

Travel Guidance                        

8. If a parent does not want to send their child to school due to physical, mental or family health concerns, what should they do?

Contact the administrators in your school to discuss the I&RS process and a possible temporary home instruction personalized learning plan.  Medical documentation from a health professional will be required to begin the evaluative process.

9. Will you be notifying the school community of positive staff or student COVID cases this year? 

No, we will not be sending out communications about individual COVID cases this year. However, we will create a COVID Dashboard on the districts’ website home page. The Dashboard will provide real time information about COVID positive cases in each of the schools. 

10. Will schools shut down this year and pivot to fully virtual learning? 

With the ending of the Governor’s public health emergency and the waiver for virtual instruction, the Superintendent no longer has the flexibility to pivot any school to fully virtual learning.  Any shut down of an entire school must be done by the local public health authority.  

11. Will my child be issued a district electronic device? 

Every student was offered a device in the spring of 2020. If your child did not pick up their device please contact Antonio Diaz (609)538-9800 x7123 prior to the first day of school so we can issue a device to your child. Also, if your child already has a device, please make sure it is charged prior to the opening of school.

12. How will physical education classes run during the school year? 

For the start of the school year, students will not be changing for physical education at EHS and FMS.  We ask that students wear athletic footwear on the days that they have physical education.  We see physical education class as an opportunity for students to get outside and take a “mask break”, focus on their emotional well-being, and participate in light exercise while remaining physically distanced.

13. Will music programs rehearse during the school day? 

The district has purchased “musician” masks and instrument bell covers for all students participating in the instrumental music program.  Student’s grades 4-12, will participate in socially distanced, small group lessons this school year. The middle and high school band, orchestra and choral rehearsal classes will permit a socially distanced rehearsal in their designated large space. While small group lessons are available in grades 4-5, at this time; the elementary band and the 4th and 5th grade choir rehearsal will not take place. We will evaluate again as the school year progresses.

14. What virtual/remote connections will remain in place this school year?

Last year, we certainly discovered that there are benefits to virtual connections to the school community.  As a result, some events will have virtual/remote this school year including:

  • Back to School Nights
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Orientations
  • Counseling Service
  • College/Career Tours and Visits
  • Meetings
  • Some student activities and club

15. How do I keep up to date on school district developments?

Make sure your SchoolMessenger account information is updated and correct.  You do this simply by updating your Guardian 1 and Guardian 2 Contact Information in your child’s Genesis Parent Portal.  Download the app to manage how you would like to receive alerts.  

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