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Celebrating Fisher Middle School’s 8th Graders!


June 23, 2021 

On June 17th, the Fisher Middle School community gathered on Bruce Martz Field at Ewing High School to celebrate and honor the 8th grade students who have concluded their middle school years and will be moving to high school.  At this promotion ceremony, annual awards and recognitions were bestowed upon students for achievement.  

“We are deeply appreciative of the support of our school community during this challenging year, and very proud of our students,” Principal Dr. Maggy Hanna stated.  “Best wishes to our 8th graders who are moving on, we will miss them, and congratulations to our award recipients.” 


2020– 2021 Award Recipients

Fisher Middle School Outstanding Citizenship Award

This award is designed to acknowledge students who are goal-oriented, enthusiastic and respectful of school policies.  Additionally they maintain a friendly and respective rapport with peers and faculty, and they serve as positive role models within our school. Furthermore, they exhibit pride in being an Eagle by positively contributing to the Fisher community.                                                             

Recipents:  Jacob Mignogna & Kamari Zahir


Fisher Middle School Human Relations Award

This award was created to encourage and recognize student behaviors that promote good human relations at Fisher Middle School and within the Ewing community. Students who are honored with the Human Relations Award exemplify Fisher’s commitment to diversity and positive interpersonal actions with others, regardless of religion, ethnic or socioeconomic background or ability. This year’s recipient was selected based upon his/her outstanding character, sense of others and selfless behavior.

Recipents:  Collin Rutkowski & Elizebeth McNeil


Fisher Middle School Integrity Award

This award is designed to recognize a student who is honest, sincere, responsible, dedicated, determined and caring.  This student aims to “do the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether he/she did it or not.”

Recipents:  Carson Brill & Kiara Uroza


Fisher Middle School Spirit of Leadership Award

This award was created to recognize one female student and one male student, both of whom show emerging leadership skills.  They take initiative, ownership and have the potential to inspire others. 

Recipents:  Leslie Summiel & Sydney Gonzalez


Fisher Middle School Eagle Award

The prestigious Eagle Award is designated for exemplary students who personify SOAR.   These students are exceptional role models for their peers.  They are highly motivated and committed to their academic, behavioral, social, extracurricular and personal goals.  These students possess exceptional judgment and leadership skills.  They work diligently and have made a significant impact on the FMS community. 

Recipents:  Ibrahim Dainkeh & Emily Gamboa Ordini


Ewing Kiwanis Leadership Award

Recipents:  Teagan Monroe & Eliana Otto


ETEA Award

Recipents:  Teagan Walker & Eliana Otto


Fisher Middle School Principal’s Academic Excellence Award

This award is designated for students who have acquired all A’s all four marking periods during the academic school year.

Recipents:  Cherry Araya, Rachel Campbell, Amy Cantarero, Shania Daywah, Amil Doggett, Emily Gamboa Ordini,    Krista Gonzalez,Sydney Gonzalez, James Gummel, Catherine Hawkins, William Huang, Kailey Jacobs, Connor Lane, Ava Loesch, Ava Lombardo, Jacob Mignogna, Maggie Morrison, Bryan Munoz, Zemzem Nessibu, Ogechi Nnebe, Samantha Noble, Victor Perez, Victoria Prasak, Morgan Rutkowski, Leslie Summiel, Randy Tiwari, Tyler Tran, Kiara Uroza, Fiona Zheng


Fisher Middle School Principal’s Academic Perfection Award

This award is designated for students who have acquired all A’s in all four marking periods during 6th – 8th grades.

Recipents:  Chloe Miller & Madelyn Tackacs