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EHS January Senior Spotlight: Meet Destiny Dollson

Destiny Dollson As we kick-off the new year of 2021 do you have any ‘words of wisdom’ to share with your classmates as we are still navigating the COVID-19 health crisis? 

Be kind, be thoughtful, take care of yourself and do your part to take care of other people.  

In which activities do you participate in school?  

I am currently Vice President of Student Council. I’m dance captain/choreographer for the school musical. I’m a member of National Honors Society, Future Business leaders of America, Key Club, and I’ve been a Varsity Fall cheerleader since freshman year.  

What activities do you participate outside of school? 

Outside of school I’ve been dancing at Stewart Johnson Dance Academy for 14 years. I also participate in a business and entertainment internship that I started this year.   My internship consists of a variety of projects and materials. I am learning how to use software such as FL Studio as well as the business aspect of the Music and Entertainment Industry. I have also edited a music video that promoted small businesses and has been posted on YouTube. 

What awards or acknowledgements have you received? 

 I received a Ewing High School Activity Award for Outstanding Service for the Class of 2021. At dance I was awarded Most Improved Dancer of the year.  

Who is your favorite teacher and/or coach why?  

My favorite teachers are Mrs. Monaco-Caldwell and Mrs. Montferrat. Mrs. Monaco-Caldwell is one of my favorite teachers because she made English entertaining and brought the books to life! Mrs. Montferrat is one of my favorites because she made math fun and helped me understand the concepts. 

Ms. Clark is my favorite coach because she made Cheerleading fun and enjoyable for everyone. She was a fair coach and believed in us even if we didn’t believe we could do a certain stunt. I’m grateful that I ended my final cheer season with Ms. Clark as a coach.  

Destiny Dollson Who or what has impacted your life in a positive way?  

My Mom aka big has had the biggest impact in my life because she has been my number one supporter and biggest fan. She has encouraged me to think outside the box and be the best person I can be.   

What are your plans after you graduate from Ewing High School? 

I would like to attend college and double major in Film and Business and minor in Music Technology or Industry.  

What is your favorite quote or book? 

My Favorite book is Twilight. My favorite quote from Twilight is “I’m just going to do what I want now, and let the chips fall where they may.”(Meyer) I can relate to this because I’m my own person and I don’t do things based on what people expect me to do.