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Success in the Arts through Hybrid and Virtual Learning at EHS

Art High school students in Ewing High School have proven to be successful in the art courses during the pandemic. Throughout history and especially during difficult times, the arts have been shown to have therapeutic and healing qualities. Many professional studies have come out in recent years that show the beneficial outcomes of arts on individuals. Now, more than ever, the arts are an important part of a balanced curriculum and lifestyle for children to adults. With these uncertain times, a healthy emotional outlet can be through the arts. For children and adolescents, art promotes a sense of identity, fosters maturity though peer critique and collaboration, and provides a way to process or express difficult thoughts, feelings, or emotions that can be more meaningful and easier to express than words. A student in Ms. Weber’s Ceramics 1 course said recently, “This is the only different/hands on activity that I get to do all day.” Giving the students an opportunity to be hands on, creative, and have time to work on a project where they do not have to stare at a screen can be the change of routine in the day that can become a  therapeutic time for them.  

Art teachers at EHS and across the district are going above and beyond to make sure students have the materials they need to be successful in the art courses, whether they are fully virtual students or hybrid. EHS Art Teachers are setting up material pick-up/drop-off days for students and parents are showing their support by making it happen for their child. We are thankful for the support of parents in our district that are picking up the materials for their children and the students that are doing the amazing work. We are all working together to make school successful for students right now. The support of administration, teachers, parents, and students can be clearly visible in the artwork produced by our talented EHS students. “We are EHS and we are EHS Strong by working together.”  

If you have a child at EHS that is not currently in an art course they can consider joining the EHS Art Club. The EHS Art Club meets virtually on Thursday afternoons (2:45PM-3:30PM). All EHS students interested in the arts and at any skill level are welcome to join. It can be a time to work on one’s own art or join in with an art tutorial or community outreach initiative through the arts. Any questions about EHS Art Club can be sent to Ms. Weber (