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Ewing Schools Reopening Update: Return of Fisher Middle School/Grade 6-8 Students to In-Person Instruction on Monday, October 12th.


 Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

The Ewing Schools continues its planned “phased-in” approach to returning students to “in-person” instruction by bringing students from Grades 6-8 back to Fisher Middle School on Monday, October 12th as we begin our “blended” A/B schedule.     

Please note that this impacts only those FMS Grade 6-8 families who have selected “in-person” instruction.  For families who decided to enroll in our Virtual Learning Program, those middle school students will continue with their fully remote instruction.  If your child is in our Virtual Learning Program, stop reading now.  Your life will not change at all on October 12th.

Our elementary schools have had students since September 9th and we continue to refine our practices and approaches as we work to make our in-person instruction as safe and effective as possible.

Please keep in mind, as evidenced by recent developments around the nation, when proper COVID-19 protocols are followed, it helps us provide a safe and healthy environment. When proper protocols are not followed, there can be issues and problems. 

Please emphasize to your middle school students: 

  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Social distances practices must be followed-stay six feet from each other.
  • No physical contact with other students.
  • Students should refrain from gatherings outside of school, especially indoors.
  • Embrace consistent handwashing and strong hygienic practices.
  • Do not come to school if sick or if you check an indicator on our daily COVID screening. 

All Grade 6-8 instructional staff who have not been assigned as a dedicated teacher in our Virtual Learning Program will report to their buildings on October 12th.

We look forward to seeing our Fisher Middle School student return to their classrooms on October 12th!

What happens on October 12th for FMS “in-person” students?

The first thing is to determine whether or not your child will be reporting to school!  Remember, FMS is operating on an A/B student reporting schedule.  That means roughly half the students will be in the school on an identified day, while the other half will be working remotely.  The next day, the students switch. 

To confirm if your child is an “A” day or “B” day Rotation Group, login into Genesis Access and view the Summary tab under Rotation Group which will list your child as: In-School A or In-School B. 


 So, to put it simply, if your child is designated as “In-School A” he/she goes to school on A days.  On B days, they stay home and work remotely. 

So for the first week at FMS: 

Monday, October 12th is an A Day

Tuesday, October 13th is a B Day

Wednesday, October 14th is an A Day

Thursday, October 15th is a B Day

Friday, October 16th is an A Day 

The FMS school day designation calendar can be found here: 

So my child is designated as “In-School A” on Genesis, what happens on October 12th? 

They get to go to school! 

Each morning, before any child gets on a bus or reports to school, parents are required to complete the Daily COVID-19 Screening form for each child through Genesis Parent Access. Parents may begin completing the form at 5:30AM. If you have not completed the form by 7:30AM, you will receive a reminder email to complete the screening form.  The DAILY COVID-19 Screening form must be completed by 7:45AM.  This is required by the state, and must be done each and every morning.  If it is not completed, your child will have to be screened by our medical or administrative staff. If there are repeated violations of this requirement, school district action will be taken.

After the screening, students should arrive at school on-time and ready to participate in socially-distanced learning. School bus transportation is available to all “in-person” students eligible for transportation, and our bus transportation protocols have been going very well since the beginning of school.  Please consider sending your child on the bus. Our buses are regularly cleaned. All students must wear a mask while on a school bus and practice social distancing. Weather permitting; windows are open on all school buses. As October 12th is considered “the first day of school”, please arrive to the bus stop on time and be patient if the bus arrives a little after the scheduled time. That being stated, you can drop off your child at FMS, but please be patient and understanding during arrival and dismissal, and give yourself extra time.   Due to social distancing protocols, students should not be dropped off before 8:05AM. 

While in-school, all students must wear a mask and practice social distancing. Throughout the middle school you will find hallway hand sanitizing stations and signage to promote social distancing. The FMS administrative team will forward a communication Thursday afternoon, October 8th overviewing all pertinent information regarding students returning to Fisher Middle School as well as emphasizing social distancing protocols. All students returning to their classrooms must bring their Chromebook and charger.

Once at FMS, all “In School A” students will follow the “early dismissal” schedule below, bringing their Chromebook with them, and report to class for in person instruction from their teacher. 

My child is designated in Genesis as an In-School B student, what do they do on October 12th? 

They stay home and work remotely! 

Since they are staying home, you do not have to complete the daily COVID screening.  That only must be done when students report to school. 

Although they are home, our students have a lot of work to do, as they will connect with their teachers and classmates as part of our blended integrated teaching approach featuring both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. 

As they have done for the first month of school, students will follow the FMS schedule below virtually.  They will join each classroom through a Google Meet at the start of the class for attendance purposes, then receive and review an overview of class academic responsibilities from the teacher.  Although we will not be simulcasting the entire class, the expectation is that the remote student is connected and aligned with the classroom learning activities throughout the period.  The remote student will have the opportunity to interact with the teacher during the class period, participate in small group learning activities and clarify content matter expectations and comprehension. 

What happens on Tuesday, October 13th? 

Everything switches! “In-school B” students report to school, as described above, “In-school A” students stay home and work virtually, as described above. 

Is there anything else I need to know? 

Health and Physical Education classes do not take place “in school” and will continue virtually in the afternoon for all students as has occurred since the beginning of the school year.  For the first part of the school year, 6th graders will fulfill their physical education requirement independently (asynchronously) while 7th and 8th graders will have “live” virtual physical education in accordance with the chart below. 

If my child needs extra help or support from a teacher, what options are there? 

If any student needs assistance, reinforcement or guidance, additional teacher support is available by scheduling an appointment with their teacher during the designated Office Hours (1:40PM-3:15PM). 

Fisher Middle School will release a PowerPoint and video to students later this week highlighting many of these concepts.

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