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Bank of America Black Professional Group NJ Donates School Supplies

What was a quick trip to a local shop in Ewing turned into a corporate school supply donation drive sponsored Books by the Bank of America Black Professional Group of New Jersey due to the creativity of two Ewing High School students and one special Ewing parent with a desire to help.  Latoya Davis-DeNuzzo, an Assistant Vice President - Finance Solutions Advisor for Bank of America saw the two young ladies dancing outside of a store in Ewing hoping to raise funds for school supplies for themselves and their friends.  Ms. Davis-DeNuzzo stopped and chatted with the young ladies about their project; took their names and information and the rest is history.  Supplies were dropped off at the Board Office for the young ladies with an additional request from Ms. Davis-DeNuzzo with the desire to set-up a partnership with Bank of America to secure school supply donations for other students in need in the Ewing School community.  Of course the district answer to this generous offer was, “Yes, we can do this!” 

During a pandemic, how was this going to work?  Supply lists were sent to the Bank of America and within a week a box arrived from Amazon at the District Administration Building, three hours later three more boxes arrived from Target. At first it was thought someone in the District office was on a “shopping spree” but then when opening the first box a gift tag was enclosed from the Bank of America Black Professional Group NJ.   Donations were being shipped directly to the district office, to date over 75 boxes of school supplies have arrived and school supplies are being sorted and distributed to each of our schools. All due to a little Ewing kindness and caring! 

Thank you to our friends from the Bank of America Black Professional Group NJ for supporting our students and our community with their generosity.  Another great example of “Ewing Strong:  All in this Together!” 

Bank of America

“Bank of America Diversity and Inclusion Employee Networks help Bank of America grow stronger by providing teammates opportunities to connect with each other, develop leadership skills, build strong ties with the communities Bank of America serves and bring lasting value to their business strategies. 

In the mid-1990s, Bank of America African-American leaders came together to coach employees, and provide a sense of community. What began as a grassroots effort grew into the Black Professional Group, teammates with a shared mission to enhance professional development, create visibility of Black talent, and support responsible growth. 

The early values of Bank of America Black Professional Group continue to guide the organization. Events support career growth and celebrate culture. Volunteer efforts respond to the core needs of their communities. Their conversations are courageous, addressing issues near to their teammates including race, equality and economic mobility.”