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Ewing Schools Announce Referendum ’18 Phase 2.5 Projects/Schedule

Ewing Schools Announce Referendum ’18 Phase 2.5 Projects/Schedule 

In October of 2018, the Ewing Township community supported the School District’s Referendum ’18 vote. The referendum consisted of a series of district-wide facility projects designed to create healthier, safer, and more modern schools for future generations of Ewing students. 

Since this landmark vote, the school district has completed its Referendum ’18 Phase 1, and some Phase 2 projects along with several other facility projects that were previously scheduled and budgeted:

In March the unprecedented COVID 19 Public Health Crisis has caused the district to rethink our project timelines going forward. Details provided below. 


  • Roof Replacement at Parkway and O’Brien Academy
  • Roof Replacement at Lore
  • District-Wide Security & Communications Projects
  • Interior Classroom/Bathroom Renovations at Antheil and Lore
  • District Tennis Courts at Antheil
  • Ewing High School Parking Lot Expansion
  • Ewing High School Multipurpose Field Staircase replacement
  • Chiller replacements at Fisher Middle School, Antheil Elementary School, and Parkway Elementary School.
  • A complete re-roof of the John Gusz Warehouse building commenced at the beginning of May, and is substantially completed.
  • Partial Re-Roof of Fisher Middle School.
  • A complete Re-Roof at O’Brien Academy 


  • Ewing High School Multipurpose Field Replacement and Storm Water Drainage Repairs
  • Targeted office and conference space renovations at the Gusz building, expected completion February of 2020 


  • Targeted office, common space, and plumbing renovations to the John Gusz Building.
  • District-Wide upgrade of electric service
  • District-Wide upgrade of wireless access points (Wi-Fi)



  • The district-wide Fire Alarm Project was already underway and is continuing. It is anticipated that this project will continue and should wrap up over the next few months. Exact completion time is unknown as work is being performed on 2nd shift after students, and staff leaves the building for the day. Manpower will be dependent upon availability at those times. 
  • A Ewing High School & Fisher Middle School athletic field’s improvement project is also nearly complete. The additional ADA accessibility to our Athletic Stadium at the Multipurpose Field is finished, and the renovation to the scoreboards and baseball field at the High School is nearing completion, with only a few minor pieces to finish, some electrical work, and demobilization and clean up. The permanent, paved surface for the running track at Fisher Middle School is complete minus some landscaping owed to us from the contractor. We anticipate substantial completion this month.


  • Ewing High School and Fisher Middle School Gymnasiums and Locker Project. This project will essentially gut and re-construct these facilities at our High School and Middle School. Though one large project, it will commence in two phases. Phase 1 will be the renovation of the South Gym & Locker Facilities at Ewing High School and the Brower Gym & Locker Facilities at Fisher Middle School. Once the renovations to the South Gym are completed, the contractor will begin demo and construction in the North gym. Each phase of this project is expected to last approximately 6 months. When completed all areas will be brand new. This project includes air conditioning of the EHS Gyms and Locker Rooms, and demo will commence on or about September 29th, 2020. 
  • Ewing High School Auditorium Renovations. At the conclusion of the South Gym & Locker Facilities we will begin construction on a complete renovation of the auditorium at Ewing High School. Though on target to proceed, the district must still go out to bid and secure a contractor on this project. Please look for updates as the school year continues. 


  • The district had planned to begin a major district-wide HVAC renovation in the spring which was delayed by the COVID-19 global health crisis. Due to the fact that this massive project is expected to take many months and the shut-down of classrooms is necessary throughout the duration, the district is now looking to work on these projects over the next several summers. Should there be a big change in the public health situation, the planning of this project can and may be adjusted. 

“The community has been massively supportive of our Referendum ’18 initiative, we continue to appreciate the support of all stakeholders involved,” School Business Administrator Dennis J. Nettleton commented. “Despite the challenges of operating during a Global Public Health Crisis, the district and board leadership are proud and excited by the progress that has been made.” #Ewing Strong: All in This Together!