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Ewing Schools Reopening Update: Return of Grade 3-5 Students to In-Person Instruction on Tuesday, September 29th


The Ewing Schools continues its planned “phased-in” approach to returning students to in-person instruction by bringing back students from Grades 3-5 to Lore, Parkway and Antheil Elementary Schools on Tuesday, September 29th

Please note that this impacts only those Grade 3-5 families who have selected “in-person” instruction.  For families who decided to enroll in our Virtual Learning Program, those Grade 3-5 students will continue with their remote instruction.

All Grade 3-5 instructional staff who have not been assigned as a dedicated teacher in our Virtual Learning Program will report to their buildings on September 29th.

Friday, September 25th will be the final day of our Virtual Learning Support Program for Grade 3-5 students at Fisher Middle School.

Our elementary schools have had PreK-2 students for the past two and a half weeks and we continue to refine our practices and approaches as we work to make our in-person instruction as safe and effective as possible.

We look forward to seeing our 3-5 students in their classrooms!

What happens on September 29th for grades 3-5 students?

Each building will welcome the grade 3-5 “in-person” students for their “first day” of school.  Prior to students coming into school, parents are required to complete the Daily COVID-19 Screening form for each child through Genesis Parent Access. Parents may begin completing the form at 5:30AM. If you have not completed the form by 7:30AM, you will receive a reminder email. While in-school, all students must wear a mask and practice social distancing. Throughout each of the elementary schools there are hallway hand sanitizing stations and signage to promote social distancing. When students are participating in outdoor Enrichment learning, mask breaks will be provided. Your child’s principal will forward a communication Thursday afternoon with procedures such as where to meet the teacher on the first day, ordering lunch and social distancing protocols.

School bus transportation is available to all “in-person” students eligible for transportation, and our bus transportation protocols have been going very well since the beginning of school.  Please consider sending your child on the bus. Our buses are regularly cleaned. All students must wear a mask while on a school bus and practice social distancing. Weather permitting; windows are open on all school buses. As September 29th is considered “the first day of school”, please arrive to the bus stop on time and be patient if the bus arrives a little after the scheduled time. That being stated, you can drop off your child to school, but please be patient and understanding during arrival and dismissal, and give yourself extra time. 

Our “in-person” students will follow the Academic and Enrichment Cycle schedule. Each homeroom will be divided into two groups with one group starting their day in the Academic Cycle and the other in the Enrichment Cycle. The class size will be approximately 8-12 students in each cycle to maintain social distancing in the classrooms. We will continue with a blended learning – technology infused instruction approach in the in-person classroom instruction. Teachers will continue using the digital instructional resources and materials implemented during the virtual instruction setting.

Your child must bring their fully charged district provided Chromebook and charger to school on September 29th!!!

Let’s travel through an in-school learning day elementary student’s day:

Prior to students coming into school, parents are required to complete the Daily COVID-19 Screening form for each child through Genesis Parent Access.

9:00AM  Morning Meeting with your Academic (Homeroom teacher) or Enrichment teacher

9:30AM  Students will remain with his/her assigned teacher and participate in the Academic or Enrichment                     Cycle. The Academic cycle will include Humanities (Reading, Writing and Social Studies) and STEM                     (Math and Science). The Enrichment Cycle will include: Music, Art, Health Physical Education,                           Technology, Media Center, Recess/free play, ACE, SEL lessons, and Reading/Math Games.

1:40PM  Dismissal 

Teachers will have offices hours to answer students’ questions daily at the end of the day. Students (or parents) can schedule a session with his/her teacher.

Sample Elementary School Schedule 

Below is a sample or potential schedule that an elementary school student may follow during their In-Person Learning Program day. The time that Specials (Art, Music, Technology or Health/Physical Education) and core academics (Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies) classes are scheduled will vary by building and grade level.