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EHS Athletic Office Letter to EHS Student-Athletes Regarding Fall Sports

September 8, 2020

Dear Ewing High School Community,

We are pleased to announce that we will be having athletics this fall at Ewing High School.  Ewing High School’s fall athletic sports teams can begin practice when the NJSIAA allows it on September 14th and sports teams will begin interscholastic competition in late September.

Student-athletes who have not submitted their required paperwork should drop off their necessary paperwork to the Ewing High School main office. Parents or guardians must register all student-athletes that are participating in athletics this fall on Genesis on the Parent Portal. All student-athletes must have an up to date physical on file with the high school in order to participate in athletics. Student-athletes who have pre-existing health conditions and/or are immunocompromised must provide a note stating clearance from their Doctor’s office. Pre-existing conditions include but are not limited to:   Asthma, Diabetes, Adrenal Insufficiency, Heart Conditions, Sickle Cell, and Lupus. 

An example of a note is below. Please make sure the note is on the official letterhead of the doctor’s office. 

The doctor's office of (insert doctor) has cleared (student athlete) with the pre-existing condition (enter pre-existing condition), and that he/she is medically cleared to play sports while adhering to all Covid-19 precautions.  

Once the nurse has reviewed the physicals, the athletic office will send an email home regarding anything that is still needed for the student-athlete to be cleared, or an email confirming the student-athlete is cleared to start practice. Only student-athletes that have received a clearance letter are allowed to attend practices.

Please keep in mind that this will be a sports season unlike any other.  Our emphasis will be on student health and safety and providing our student-athletes the opportunity to benefit from the educational and mental health benefits of school-based athletics. Attendance at games will be very limited, perhaps only to athlete family members.  Stringent policies and procedures will be put in place to emphasize the well-being of everyone involved.  Locker rooms will not be available.  Hygiene and sanitary practice must take place at home and reinforced constantly.  Masks must always be worn according to guidelines.

Due to transportation concerns there is a possibility of a limited schedule for many teams, with only Varsity games, although JV and Freshman will be able to practice and scrimmage with their teammates.  We will also strive to find an opportunity for those levels to play in a contest or two.

Student athletes would be responsible for the following daily:

  • All student athletes would be required to fill out a daily pre-screen form  (online) at home before arrival.
  • All student athletes would be required to fill out a daily check in form after temperature has been taken upon arrival (online or paper).
  • All student athletes would be required to get their temperature checked upon arrival. Any student who has a temperature higher than 100.3 will be sent home.
  • *Parents are required to wait until the athlete has passed the daily screening checks before leaving, in the event your athlete needs to be sent home.
  • All student athletes will  be required to bring their own  water bottles or they will be sent home.
  • All student athletes are required to be promptly picked up after practices  to avoid breaking social distancing guidelines.
  • All student athletes are responsible for sanitation of personal equipment.
  • ** If a student athlete has a pre-existing condition and/or are immunocompromised the NJSIAA Phase 1 regulations require that a separate doctor's clearance to participate in summer workouts.

 We will continue to follow the guidance of the NJSIAA and keep all student-athletes updated with any information as it becomes available as it relates to the high school fall sports season.   Further information regarding Athletics will come from the district office as more information becomes available.  Please stay safe.  Remember we are “Ewing Strong : All in this Together!”


Ernie Covington 

Director of Athletics/ Student Wellness  

Supervisor of Health & Physical Education 

The Ewing Public Schools

Ewing Strong: All in this Together!