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Ewing Schools “Return to School” Update: Remote Learning Option/VLP 2.0 Information

Immediate Release

July 14, 2020 

Last week, the Ewing Schools released an update on our “Return to School” planning, which included a remote learning option for students deemed Virtual Learning Program 2.0. 

This remote learning option is designed for families that are unable, or hesitant, to send their children to our reopened school buildings due to family health concerns.  This could include medically fragile or vulnerable children, medically fragile or vulnerable family members at home, related mental health conditions, or other medical issues. 

Virtual Learning Program 2.0 will be taught online by Ewing School District teachers and will feature the following: 

  • A dedicated Learning Management System.
  • Students interact virtually, several times a week, with the teachers using their technology device and instructional resources. This will include both synchronous (scheduled class meetings) and asynchronous (student self-paced) learning.
  • Teachers will meet with students in whole class and small group instruction through video conferencing
  • Access to digital content and instructional resources (video and audio)
  • Online assessments including quizzes, peer assessment and projects
  • Teaching, learning, student engagement, discussion, brainstorming and problem solving will occur in a fully virtual/digital environment
  • Teachers will post weekly assignments and provided descriptive and actionable feedback for students through the Learning Management system
  • District-provided technology and technology assistance for families. 

At this time, it is important for us to begin to get an understanding of the number of students who will choose to be a part of our Virtual Learning Program 2.0, so we are asking any family that knows they wish to enroll their children in our remote learning option to contact Theresa Hullings at or call 609-538-9800x1102 and please share with her the following: 

Student(s) names:



Please do this by July 31st.  We anticipate closing open enrollment in our Virtual Learning Program 2.0 by August 7th.

We have received many questions regarding Virtual Learning Program 2.0 since our announcement.  Please review the following:

If I enroll my child in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0, how long will they have to stay in the program?

We are asking all enrolled students to stay in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 for a minimum of one marking period prior to requesting a return to our in-person school programs. 

If I choose to send my child to in-person schooling, but then become concerned about the health conditions in the school building, can I enroll my child in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0?

That depends upon space, staff and program availability.  We are doing all we can do make the return of students to our school as safe as possible during this pandemic.  Please follow our updates and pay close attention to our steps and processes.  If these measures do not appear to be sufficient to you and your unique family situation, it may be best to enroll your student in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 now. 

If my child is in the in-person program and he/she or a family member test positive for COVID or needs to quarantine due to potential exposure, will my child move to the Virtual Learning 2.0 program?

No.  Elementary school students will move to individualized Home Instruction during the fourteen (14) day quarantine period. Secondary students will remain in the A/B in person program with the teachers continuing to provide instruction for the fourteen (14) day quarantine period.

If we opt for the Virtual Learning Program 2.0, will the coursework be similar to the spring semester of last year?

Last spring, as a district and as a community, we were responding to emergency circumstances.  As we have been able to learn from our time in extended closure, our ability to implement virtual learning has grown.  Our use of digital tools and live, synchronous instruction has evolved as well.  Through professional development and other experiences we are confident in our ability to deliver an enhanced program and meet our students' learning needs virtually.

Will the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 include live teacher interaction?

Teachers will provide several live, interactive instruction sessions per week.

Will the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 have scheduled teaching times?

Each teacher will establish several scheduled sessions per week but there will also be flexibility for students, as this was determined to be a positive of our program.

How will my child’s IEP goals be met in Virtual Learning Program 2.0? 

To the greatest extent possible, the district will provide any special education student enrolled in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 with the special education supports and services listed in the student’s IEP. The teacher and the case manager will monitor the child's progress during this process and make any adjustments to the IEP as necessary.  In addition, the Child Study Teams will provide supports as it relates to social/emotional well-being for our students while balancing the instructional delivery and individual needs of all our students with special needs.  There is the possibility of targeted individualized in-person provision of related services for special education students enrolled in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 if it is deemed safe, appropriate and beneficial.    

If I enroll in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0, will the district provide me with technology assistance? 

Yes, the district will have the ability to provide you a device that will support online learning, and will assist you in internet access needs if appropriate. 

What are the hours for Virtual Learning Program 2.0?

Our Virtual Learning Program 2.0 will feature flexibility as well as synchronous learning, but the instructional hours for students follows the early dismissal schedule:

Elementary Schools – 9:00AM – 1:40PM with office hours 2:20PM – 3:40PM

Fisher Middle School – 8:35AM – 12:35PM with office hours 1:05PM – 3:05PM

Ewing High School – 7:45AM – 12:15PM with office hours 12:45PM – 2:45PM

If I select Virtual Learning Program 2.0 for my child, can he/she participate in sports, clubs or any other extracurricular activities?

Students who are enrolled in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 are eligible to participate in sports, clubs or extracurricular activities if the district is offering these programs.

Is there a cost to parents for the Virtual Learning Program 2.0?


How will students in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 be graded? 

We value quality learning experiences and meaningful assessments and plan to deliver those experiences to students in our Virtual Learning Program 2.0. The students will be assessed and graded by their assigned teacher, and grades will be issued and entered into our Genesis gradebook.

Will the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 be taught by Ewing Public Schools teachers?


When do I have to make my decision regarding the Virtual Learning Program 2.0?

We are asking any parent who wishes to enroll their child in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0 to notify us by July 31st.  Registration will be closed on August 7th.

What happens if I do not enroll my child in the Virtual Learning Program 2.0?

They will be scheduled for our in-person instruction at their assigned school beginning on September 8th.